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And another 5 Types of Crypto Investors (RPG edition)

By CrSanity | Irregular Format | 25 Feb 2023

I'm very inspired by your engagement on my previous parts of 5 Types of Crypto Investors and decided to try with another one! This is of course only a joke and you are not supposed to take it seriously. Have fun again!

5 Types of Crypto Investors

Yet another 5 Types of Crypto Investors

#1 the "Crypto Paladin"

He's unbending faith forged in thousands of hours of praying to Bitcoin God is not allowing him to sell. He gathers the power from his coin hodlings and shows the way to padawans.



  • New Coins
  • Trading


Strong sides:

  • Extreme Knowledge about multiple coins history
  • HODLing


#2 the "Coin Squire"

He's agile and his portfolio is never the same. Copy trading is not effective against him. He never sticks to one coin, and prefers to diversify. 



  • Loyalty
  • Faith


Strong sides:

  • He's the first one to sell when hell gets loose
  • Diversification


#3 the "Hash Mage"

He knows well which protocols are technically advanced. His countless hours of study and relentless pursuit allows him to differentiate between low cap rug pulls and gems. He almost magically turns his investments into profit.



  • Trends
  • Meme coins


Strong sides:

  • Low cap gems
  • Layer 2 solutions


#4 the "Bit Assassin"

He strikes fast. He picks a target and multiplies his gain. But preparation takes time, and its his biggest enemies.



  • Time he needs to take a decision
  • Other Assassins


Strong sides:

  • He gets crazy gains from each project he invested into
  • He likes to take a risk


#5 the "Blockchain Druid"

He prefers the slow approach. He has a lot of time to spend, and countless years across many markets brought him a lot of treasure to invest.



  • Fast moving projects
  • Following the trends


Strong Sides:

  • Old, checked projects
  • Time he offers his crypto to grow


 What type are you?


None of information in this article should be considered a financial advice, it's my own analysis and facts I wanted to share with this wonderful community.


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