Exploring Mallorca

By Irma | irma love photography | 15 Aug 2020

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There are several places in the world where you will want to come back again and again. One of these places for our family, I might say, is Castell d’Alaro in Mallorca.

A trip to Castell d'Alaro, I suggest you be sure to plan if you are exploring the island.

If you enjoy hiking, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll to the castle from Alaró. But this time we drove to the restaurant Es Verger (the best place for home-cooked food on the island) and walked 30-40 minutes to the top. At the top we were greeted by an old, ruined castle and mound chapel with spectacular views of the Tramuntana Mountains. On a clear day you can see Palma, in fact a view of the whole island at a 360 degree angle. We were lucky, we were there quite early in the morning when we started our trip, so we spent some time at the top of the mountain alone ... (wildlife and a few lost sheep)

All photos taken by me and my family members 😁

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Not a big traveller, nature lover, not a unicorn feeder, day time- mum of two, night- dreamer

irma love photography
irma love photography

Not a big traveler, nature lover, not a unicorn feeder. Day time - mum of two, night - dream chaser.

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