Toshiba aims to generate $3 billion revenue through quantum crypto advancements by 2030

By ircrp | ircrp | 19 Oct 2020

The Tokyo based Toshiba Corporation is currently contributing and investing towards advancements of the cryptographic solutions driven by quantum computing. The company is expecting the cyber security sector to grow by some $12 billion to solve the data protection problems arising from advancements on quantum computing.


  • The long term strategy estimated to come to fruition by Toshiba in about 10 years is aiming at securing $3 billion out of the estimated $12 billion upcoming cyber security sub-sector for quantum based data protection solutions.
  • The technology Toshiba is currently exploring called Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) leverages quantum physics achieving transmission of data encryption keys through a single particle of light (photon) over fibre optic based computer networks.
  • At the beginning of October 2020 Toshiba has confirmed successful deployment of the first crypto quantum based network connecting two research facilities over a short distance within the United Kingdom through standard fibre optic infrastructure in partnership with British Telecommunications



  • In the future Toshiba hopes to be at the forefront of securing critical national infrastructures and already has kicked off its initial pilot programs through which it has started acquiring vital infrastructure partnerships with the telecommunication companies such as the Verizion in the United States and the BT Group in the United Kingdom, with the next move towards South Korea.


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