Kava Coinmarketcap Learn & Earn distributions status update

Kava Coinmarketcap Learn & Earn distributions status update

By ircrp | ircrp | 1 Oct 2020


Having written my latest post about the new Coinmarketcap Learn & Earn Luna tokens campaign I've came to find out mainly through the comments you lovely people have left, that most participants of the previous Learn & Earn campaign for Kava are still missing their distribution.


I've personally missed out signing up to the Kava campaign, however I've found the following information for you in regards to the status of distribution.

On 28th of September Kavalabs has tweeted with information that the distributions are taking longer than expected and have began, however are expected to take at least a week more to complete.

Another notable information coming out from the tweet is that all the participants who have provided a non-Binance wallet address will have to look out for an email with instructions on how to supply a Binance wallet address for completion.








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