Coinmarketcap Earn Luna

Coinmarketcap Earn Luna

By ircrp | ircrp | 30 Sep 2020


A new Coinmarketcap Earn campaign is live until 10th of September promoting the Terra stablecoin and its staking and governance LUNA token.


The requirement of the campaign is to have a Binance account created as your unique Binance identifier will be needed in the quiz form.


The quiz is accessible through the earn page of Coinmarketcap.


The following is a quick summary of Terra & Luna in respect to the ongoing campaign;


1.  Existing Terra stablecoins
  • US Dollar
  • Korean Won
  • Mongolian Torgrog
2. Proposing minting new stablecoin

Anyone can propose to mint new stablecoin pegged to new currency.

3. Chai App User Base

Chai app currently has over 2,000,000 active users.

4. Earning interest through dApps

You can earn interest on your UST stablecoins using certain dApps.

5. Anchor Saving Protocol

Anchor saving protocol gives you interest through the block rewards from other Proof-Of-Stake networks.

6. Usage of LUNA Tokens
  • Vote on proposals
  • Stake and get returns from block rewards
  • Swap with other Terra stablecoins
7. Terra rank in accumulated transaction fees

Terra currently ranks as 3rd in the total accumulated transaction fees across all the blockchains.



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