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A neat new feature for Brave Browser on iOS - Playlist

By ircrp | ircrp | 6 May 2021

Having noticed a telegram notification today (6th May 2021) coming from the official Brave telegram channel from the beauty Jennie (BAT's community manager) about a brand new feature for its Brave Browser on iOS devices, I gotta admit this feature is the first one that turned me on more than her pictures & voice.

  • Jokes aside, the announcement of the Brave Playlist comes at the time Brave passes 30 million monthly active users and I believe they're about to gain even more active users with the feature they've rolled out.

  • The Playlist feature essentially allows us as users to take any media or stream (youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, twitch, etc.) and easily add it to a unified Brave Playlist which is saved for offline usage and can be listened in background to.

  • The first striking realisation was that not only does it solve the problem of not having to opt in for rip-off youtube premium payments to keep listening to the music while my screen is locked, but it also allows me to unify this with another playlist coming for example from soundcloud and save this all for offline usage with a mere click of a button ūü§Į

  • The Brave Playlist effectively saves added item to your iPhone or iPad temporarily for offline playback in a format which can then be only used by its Brave Media Player, hence the downloaded videos/music can't really be moved to a different device.

  • Having tried out this feature, I must admit it offers by far the easiest way to explain to a novice how to take some videos & music quickly for an offline usage for example for a long trip or flight.

  • There are limitations in terms of the streaming and media delivery services with most notably Spotify and Netflix not being an option.

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