Is Aragon (ANT) a Good Investment? In-depth Analysis and Near to Longer-Term Expectations

Is Aragon (ANT) a Good Investment? In-depth Analysis and Near to Longer-Term Expectations

By CryptoBoomer | Investments | 12 Mar 2020

Cryptocurrency investing is no easy feat, there’s no question about that. There are thousands of cryptos out there and while many of them are not worth investing in, some of them are very promising and could potentially lead to life-changing gains. 

So how do you determine which cryptocurrencies are good to invest in? 

What I’ve found to be most effective in identifying great cryptocurrencies to invest in, is to first identify a crypto that provides solutions to a hair-on-fire problem. 

What I mean by this is, find a crypto/project that can do something important and is needed to do it. It should also have, what I believe to be, the most important attributes of cryptocurrency – decentralization and censorship resistance. 

Once you find a crypto that meets those standards, it’s important to understand its mission and purpose. You then need to dive deep into its history, its team, how it was launched and distributed, its level of development and adoption, as well as its price action and whether or not it's building a solid market structure. 

If you dive deep into these aforementioned things, you will know whether or not the crypto is a good investment. 

Now, for the remainder of this article, I will be diving deep into the Aragon (ANT) cryptocurrency, as it is one of the few cryptos that meets the standards of solving a hair-on-fire problem and being decentralized and censorship-resistant. 

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a fundamental understanding of whether or not Aragon (ANT) is a good investment. 

Aragon (ANT) - A Brief Summary & History


Aragon website homepage

Aragon is an open-source, community-driven project with a mission to empower people to freely organize and collaborate without borders or intermediaries. Aragon provides people with the tools and means to create and manage Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that can thrive.

Its vision is to create the world’s first digital jurisdiction with globally Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs).

Aragon’s History & Team 


Luis Cuende and Jorge Izuirdo - Aragon’s Founders

The Aragon (ANT) project was founded by Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo in November 2016 but didn’t launch until February 2017 with the release of Aragon 0.1.

In Aragon’s early days, Luis Cuende was known as the project lead for Aragon as he helped to guide the project in the right direction before it became more community-driven with decentralized control.

Prior to founding and leading Aragon, Luis was an accomplished programmer and budding entrepreneur. He was named as the best programmer of Europe under 18 by HackFwd, received a “Best Underage European Programmer” award, an MIT Innovators Under 35 award, and was also a recipient of Forbes’ 30 under 30 recognition.

Luis also founded several startups in the technological sphere and served as an advisor to the Vice president of the European Commission.

As for Luis’s partner Jorge, he was named tech lead for the Aragon project and prior to his work with Aragon, he worked as an iOS app developer and created several successful apps.

Now, as Aragon stands today (March 2020), the project is primarily governed by the community and has a strong commitment to decentralize its own existence. Aragon’s governance system is governed by the Aragon Network Token (ANT) holders who participate in governance by voting with ANT on Aragon Governance Proposal (AGPs).

Additionally, the Aragon project is also stewarded by the Aragon Association, which is a Swiss non-profit entity with Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo as its directors. 

The Aragon platform and its DAOs benefit from the following features:

Decentralized and Censorship-Resistant
Aragon DAO’s are global and decentralized in that they enable people to collaborate without borders or intermediaries which makes them difficult to shut down and enables them to circumvent the boundaries of censorship and oppression.

Digital, Secure & Transparent
Aragon DAO’s reside on and are secured by the decentralized Ethereum blockchain which provides transparent and immutable transactions. 

Aragon DAO’s leverage Ethereum smart contracts that provide them with an unparalleled level of efficiency and automation.

Fast, Easy, and Customizable
Aragon DAO’s can be created in under 5 and have customizable structures that are fully modular so that they can be altered with different templates and the simple click of a button. Also, users can install different dapps that enhance the DAO in different ways. 

Aragon DAO’s can be created with unique governance models that feature secure and decentralized tamper-proof voting mechanisms. Entire communities can participate in the DAO’s decision-making process in unique and different ways.

Aragon (ANT) - Launch & Distribution


Aragon’s ANT token logo

While the Aragon project launched in February 2017, the Aragon Network Token (ANT) didn’t launch until a few months later on May 17, 2017.

Upon launch, a total supply of 39,609,524 ANT tokens was issued into existence. 

Aragon’s ANT token was launched via an initial coin offering (ICO) which was scheduled to run for 4 weeks (28 days) but sold out within 26 minutes. The Aragon ICO raised 275,000 ETH (roughly $25 million) for selling ANT tokens at a rate of 100 ANT = 1 ETH. That's like $1M of investment money pouring in every 1 minute! 

In addition to the ICO, Aragon also held an ANT token pre-sale where presale buyers received a 20 percent discount on ANT tokens over retail ICO participants. 

Aragon raised a total of 2,719 ETH during the presale from the following participants:

  • CoinFund
  • ShapeShift
  • Joe Urgo  –  Ethlance & Sorcerers
  • Daniele Levi  –  Stampery
  • Anonymous Ethereum Founding Member

In total, 27,726,666.7 ANT tokens (70 percent of total supply) were distributed to the presale and retail ICO participants. 

As for the remaining 30 percent of the ANT total supply, 15 percent was reserved for the Aragon Foundation and 15 percent was reserved for Aragon’s founders and early contributors. 

To summarize Aragon’s ANT distribution:

  • Public sale + Pre-sale: 27,726,666.7 ANT (70 percent)
  • Aragon Foundation: 5,941,428.6 ANT (15 percent)
  • Early contributors and founders: 5,941,428.6 ANT (15 percent)

All in all, I would say that the Aragon Network Token has a very fair distribution, especially in comparison with the majority of cryptocurrencies that held ICOs in 2017. That being said, Aragon (ANT) is considered to be a good investment from this standpoint. 

Aragon (ANT) - Development & Adoption

Aragon launched its mainnet on October 30, 2018, and has since undergone a multitude of developments and has exploded in adoption. There are now more than 1100 decentralized organizations powered by Aragon with many of them being very reputable projects.

Some interesting projects powered by Aragon include:

Aragon’s platform for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) has been achieving significant adoption on a global scale and the above-listed projects only scratch the surface. The Aragon project and its community as a whole have been a powerhouse in terms of development and already features 7 different modular templates for creating DAOs including:

  1. Company
  2. Multisig
  3. Membership
  4. Open Enterprise
  5. Reputation
  6. Fundraising
  7. Dandelion

In addition to these templates and decentralized organizations built on Aragon, the project also features 52 different dapps powered by the Aragon architecture. These Aragon powered dapps can be implemented into different Aragon DAOs and fall into the following dapp categories:

  • Token Manager
  • Vault
  • Agent
  • Finance
  • Voting
  • Address Book 
  • Allocations
  • Dot Voting
  • Projects 
  • Rewards

Moreover, Aragon’s global level of adoption can be attributed to its sophisticated AragonOS (Aragon Operating System), which is a smart contract framework for building decentralized organizations, dapps, and protocols. AragonOS has come a long way since its inception and allows anyone to easily create sophisticated DAOs. 

Aragon Court & Aragon Chain

In addition to all of the projects powering their DAOs with Aragon, the Aragon project has two interesting projects of their own; Aragon Court and Aragon Chain. 

Aragon Court


Aragon Court logo

Aragon Court is an online dispute resolution service where human jurors solve real problems for real people. The court operates as a dispute resolution protocol atop of the Ethereum blockchain and is a core component of the Aragon Network. 

Anyone can become a juror in Aragon Court and earn an income from successfully adjudicating disputes. All you need to do is acquire Aragon Network Juror tokens (ANJ) by depositing ANT tokens into a bonding curve which then mints ANJ tokens. 

Jurors then stake their ANJ tokens which allow them to be drafted into juries and earn fees for successfully adjudicating disputes.

Aragon Chain


Aragon Chain is not really an Aragon project but is rather an on-going Aragon development. You see, Aragon has been actively researching and building its own blockchain to reside on, rather than operating solely on Ethereum. 

With Aragon’s own blockchain, it will be able to capture value wherever it is accrued in its own blockchain stack. It will also be more suitable for Aragon’s operations as it will reduce operating costs significantly by not needing to pay Ethereum’s rising gas fees. 

That being said, Aragon Chain will better serve the Aragon community and its customers. 

All in all, Aragon’s high level of development and adoption goes to show that the project is serious and is getting things done. Therefore, I would say Aragon is a good investment based on this aspect. 

Latest Game-Changing News For Aragon


Tim Draper – Venture Capitalist Billionaire

On February 19, 2020, it was announced that Tim Draper – the billionaire venture capitalist who believes in Bitcoin and crypto and previously backed Coinbase, Tesla, SpaceX, and Baidu – invested $1 million into the Aragon blockchain project. 

Draper’s early-stage capital investment firm, Draper Associates, has bought $1 million worth of Aragon’s Aragon Network Token (ANT) to support the project’s vision of creating the world’s first “digital jurisdiction”. 

While Draper’s $1 million investment is relatively small in the traditional tech investing world, it is a rather big deal for the still very nascent blockchain world. Especially since the investment is coming from Tim Draper, who is a huge proponent for cryptocurrencies and big-time Bitcoin whale that previously bought nearly 30,000 BTC from the government auction of seized assets from the silk road. 

That being said, Tim Draper’s investment could be a game-changer for Aragon as it's now under Draper's umbrella and endorsed by a billionaire who will help the project with his connections. 

Aragon (ANT) - Price Action & Market Structure

Now that we have a solid understanding of what Aragon (ANT) is, who created it, how it was launched, and how its development and level of adoption is going, let’s dive into its price action. 


The price chart above shows the entire Aragon (ANT) price history starting from May 19, 2017, to March 9, 2020.  As you can see, ANT is priced quite low, currently sitting at $1.12 as of March 9, 2020. This price is ~25% lower than when ANT was first listed on exchanges at around $1.40, which indicates that ANT may be severely undervalued now.

So, does that make Aragon (ANT) a good investment? 

Let’s find out.


As seen in the price chart above, ANT is forming a bullish market structure by holding above its low of $0.29 in November 2018, and creating a higher low of $0.40 in January 2020. Also, ANT is forming higher highs starting from its low in November 2018. This price action represents a bullish market structure and shows investor confidence in Aragon’s ANT token.


Moreover, as seen in the price chart above, ANT has recently broken above a critical level of resistance at around $1.00. This price level at around $1.00 is the most important price throughout Aragon’s ANT token history. 

It was tested as critical support back in November 2017, and then held as support again in August 2018 before turning into resistance in September 2018, and then 1 year later it was tested in August and September 2019 as major resistance. 

Therefore, the $1.00 level is critical and if ANT can now hold the $1.00 level as support, that would show significant strength for Aragon’s ANT token and it would be considered a very good investment at that point. 

Overall, I would say that Aragon (ANT) is a good investment based on its price action and macro market structure, especially if it holds above the $1.00 level. 


There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there to invest in, but most of them are not considered good investments. It takes a special kind of crypto with a specific purpose and attributes that are unique to decentralized cryptocurrencies, to be worth investing in. 

I believe that Aragon (ANT) is one of these rare cryptocurrencies worth investing in because it enables people to create decentralized autonomous organizations that thrive. Aragon serves a purpose in which only decentralized and censorship-resistant blockchain technology can provide. 

Not only this, but Aragon has shown incredible strength in terms of its level of adoption and development. The team and community behind Aragon appear to be working very hard and are continuously moving the project forward with new projects built on Aragon and a clear vision for the platform’s future. 

As well, Aragon’s ANT token was fairly launched and distributed, which often is not the case with most other cryptocurrencies launched in 2017. And to top things off, ANT’s price action is looking very solid and the project is now endorsed by billionaire VC, Tim Draper.

So in my opinion, I truly believe that Aragon is considered to be a very good investment. 

What do you think about Loopring (LRC)? Do you think it’s a good investment? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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