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The Era Of Micro Blogging Is Coming Back

By bitcoinflood | Investing | 1 Feb 2021

I don't know about you but I've never been so hyped before in my life then to hear of plans of a micro blogging platform to really complete with the likes of Twitter and offer up real rewards to it's users. Unlike Twitter who only cares about restricting your content and pushing trash in order to get ad revenue for their investors LeoFinances platform will aim to shape this and have massive potential.


From what I remember about 2,000 people actively use at the moment. (Correct me if I'm wrong of course and I'll update this.)

However we just saw the launch of Noise.Cash and within a months time they hit over 50k Users!

Just think of the massive potential there when it comes to LeoFinance launching their own.


This is not a dumping grounds


For some reason so many businesses and people use it as a dumping ground for their content. This goes for all social media platforms.

The key is engagement. If your posting good quality content unless there is engagement on it it's not going to do all that much. Engagement comes in the form of shares, comments and writing back to those comments to spark further discussion.

Think about this and start planning for how you'll be using the new micro blogging platform.

Think about how you can promote your LeoFinance articles and spark debate but then also bring that over into LeoFinance itself. If anything I'd be super curious if the comment section could be attached to the microblogging platform some how. Creating a thread like comment that relates to the microblog could be a very powerful thing. As those discussion would land on the new microblogging platform that has far more reach.


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