Do you have an advantage in Doctor Who: Worlds Apart?

What kind of person has the advantage in DWWA?


      There are 3 types of people that I can see getting into DWWA (Doctor Who: Worlds Apart).  The first and most obvious would be a Whovian.  This is a fan of the IP (intellectual property).  They will have a pretty good understanding of the characters, scenes, and objects presented as parts of DWWA.  The second is the NFT investor.  This person loves the blockchain and has a connection to marketplaces outside the DWWA website.  Last would be the gamer.  This person understands the premise of a CCG and how the performance of a card affects it’s value.


The Whovian


      The whovian has seen the television series.  If not all, then at least pieces of the story.  They will be familiar with the situations and characters and the relationships between them.  A whovian is the most likely completionist.  They may want one copy of each card in a collection that they can show off.  The variety of frames will complicate things as some individuals will want certain cards to be in a matching type of frame while others will want all to be in the same frame and others will ignore the frame entirely as long as the card is present.  There will also be the whovians who just collect their favorite cards, trading away the rest without any hesitation.  

      A true whovian will likely play when they’re in the mood, increasing the levels of their cards to some significant degree, but will not likely “play to win”.  They will sit and relax, have fun looking at and playing with their favorite characters and moments from the series.  


      Whovians will have the advantage of being the most relaxed people to deal with in DWWA.

The Gamer



      A gamer’s main point for being here will be to play the game.  Gamers fall into two categories: casual and competitive.  

      The casual gamer will play, level up their cards, and do their best to have fun.  They will likely have certain times that they tend to play, but will not necessarily play every day.  They may or may not participate in a tournament with prizes, depending on their mood.

      The competitive gamer will seek to win.  They will examine the meta of the game, constantly be upgrading their decks and figure out how to beat the top cards and strategies.  They will likely play on a daily basis, sometimes multiple sessions in a day.  They will be aware of loopholes in the rules and how to exploit them.  Overall, they will seek tournaments and “worthy opponents”.  They will be the hardest people to deal with if you are not deemed “worthy”.


      Gamers have the advantage of in-depth knowledge of how games work.

The NFT enthusiast



      I admit that this is the person that is the most mysterious to me.  In the regular CCG world, I’d say they are akin to the FLGS.  They’re here to make a profit.  They likely will not play the game (unless leveling the cards will increase their value by a lot).  

      The NFT enthusiast likely got in early, spent tons of cash, and made sure to get a return on investment that at least doubled, if not increased their money by tenfold.  I imagine this is possible, as it has been with physical CCGs in the past.  The power nine cards from Magic: The Gathering were in dollar boxes for the longest time, and now you’d be lucky to find one that’s beat up for less than $100 USD.  The legendary Black Lotus is a card that once cost me a single sandwich and is now worth $500,000 USD.  If only I still had it.

      The next Black Lotus is what the NFT investor is truly looking for.  There will be a card (speculation says maybe the Sandshoes card) that becomes the legendary card for this game. Uniquely here, it will have to have the most expensive frame in addition to being the most expensive card.


      The NFT enthusiast has an advantage in the marketplace, with an understanding of the ebb and flow of monetary systems.


Ok, so who has the actual advantage?



      Advantage is an ethereal thing.  NFT collectors will likely make the money.  Gamers will likely win the most games.  Whovians will be the happiest with what they get.  

      The individual that takes the time to learn about what they don’t yet understand will have the greatest experience overall.  Improvement and expansion of experience is always the best option.  The whovian who learns investment strategies, or the investor who learns gaming strategy stands to gain the most.

      In other words, the more you understand the better off you are.  On the other hand, the idea is to have fun.  This is a game and a collection after all.  If you enjoy anything along those lines, there's no reason to hesitate.  The worst thing that can happen is some fun interactions with other people where you just might learn something.  Personally, I look forward to more sets and the much-awaited release of the playable game.


To be fair.



      So you can understand where I’m coming from.  I am both a Whovian and a gamer.  I love Doctor Who, and I prefer to wear Doctor Who shirts while I write these articles.  I have a collection of figures for Doctor Who that includes Doctor Hooves (I’ll follow David Tennant anywhere; the man is amazing).  I have played several games based on the Doctor Who franchise.  I have also played hundreds of other games, including most of the top CCGs.  I am a collector of fine things and intend to learn about NFTs using DWWA as a jumping off point.

Where can I learn more?



Of course, one of the best places to learn about DWWA is the official website.



There is a comprehensive wiki for the game here:



HSY wrote some articles on the functionality of the systems in DWWA.  Links to these articles are here: 





 And of course, my other article holds information (I hope):



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Investing in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game
Investing in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game

This contains my opinions on who should invest in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game, what can effect the investments, and gives some statistics on the topic. It is strictly my opinion, and while informed, I offer no guarantees of returns.

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