Ethereum’s time to absolutely rock the Crypto World!!

Ethereum’s time to absolutely rock the Crypto World!!

By Greenchic | Investing and Trading | 1 May 2020


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 Ethereum has been successfully delivering on the promise of Blockchain!!

The largest Altcoin by Market Cap, Ethereum is in a League of its own. Ethereum has been a public, open source blockchain platform of choice for enterprises to build their projects on.

Consider, the most popular active DEFI platforms today - Compound, Ox, Loopring, Kyber Network, dYdX, Bancor, they are all built in the Ethereum Blockchain.

defi, decentralised finance


Then we have a very integral and vital part of the crypto ecosystem, stable coins - USTD, USDC, PAX issued in the Ethereum Blockchain

stable coins


Besides this, there are widely popular dapps like the decentralised identity on Blockchain portal, Uport, and job portal, Ethlance that functions utilizing the power of the Ethereum Blockchain. 


There are many blockchain projects built using the Ethereum Blockchain infrastructure, like the privacy centric Brave browser using it’s BAT token that blocks trackers and malware and peer to peer renewable solar trading company Power Ledger using its POWR token.

Ethereum is therefore delivering on the promise of Blockchain.

Brave, Bat crypto

Brave Browser built on Ethereum Blockchain

 More Enterprise Adoption of Ethereum poised in the near future!!

Therefore, the value of the Ethereum network should be undeniably enormous as on a daily basis there is network usage and many vital digital assets like stable coins and ERC-20 tokens are transferred using the Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum still looks promising as it’s poised to be adopted by more enterprises from various fields - banks, real estate, supply chain entities, insurance, corporates and others.

Ethereum Enterprise Association working on growing the Enterprise adoption of Ethereum

The Ethereum developer community have long been working to *make Ethereum Blockchain, an enterprise ready solution with an open established standard capable of catering to the practical requirements of enterprises.* This large developer community has *support from the world’s leading enterprises to encourage the adoption of the Ethereum Blockchain, with the Ethereum Enterprise Association that has companies like JP Morgan, Accenture, Baidu AI Cloud, Chamber of Digital Commerce, ConsenSys AG, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Ernst & Young (EY) as it’s members.*

A more enhanced and scalable Ethereum Blockchain in progress!!

Upgrades of Ethereum are rolling on with Ethereum 2.0 to be that blockchain that is evolved sorting out the scalability issue of the current Ethereum network, by shifting to POS powered blockchain with shrading capabilities.

 Whales are buying up ETH now making things bullish for ETH

Perhaps that is why whales are pouring their investments into ETH now. Consider the huge demand of Ethereum from institutional investors that Grayscale Ethereum Trust is catering to now, that this Trust has brought almost half the amount of ETH mined this year to sell it to its customers, 88% of whom are institutional investors.

Grayscale Ethereum Trust


These Institutional investors are purchasing ETH from Grayscale Ethereum Trust at a 500% premium, with a share of 0.09427052 ETH worth about $18.50 purchased at approximately 90$!!

The huge premium, is an additional cost these whales don’t mind bearing for the surety of a risk-free investment via an investment vehicle that takes care of regulatory compliance formalities and custodial aspects of safe storage of cryptos.

Reference Read -

 A Diversified Crypto holder’s next safe crypto investment Option - ETH


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When investing, diversification is always well advised, and crypto investors who are looking to invest in other cryptos after Bitcoin, should definitely consider Ethereum as their next crypto in their portfolio.


All in all, Ethereum looks positioned fundamentally to be a Crypto giant in market capitalisation even further. The blockchain already has so many use cases as it’s established itself as a trusted blockchain platform for others to build their projects and dapps. The Blockchain is evolving into one that will cater to the requirements of enterprises as well.

Also Ethereum is still lead by it’s original founder Vitalik Buterin who was just a 19 year old kid in 2015 when he founded the ETH Blockchain platform with smart contract ability that could do way more things than Bitcoin ever could!! So, in the leadership domain ETH is well led and directed and is a project that has proved to be one the world can trust.

Reference Youtube Podcast - Crypto Lark’s Youtube Podcast Episode - ‘Ethereum The Case For A ONE TRILLION Dollar Marketcap Price’

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