Bitcoin Cat brings you Crypto News story - Bitcoin cash hard fork, Bitcoin and Altcoin Dominance and more

Bitcoin Cat brings you Crypto News story - Bitcoin Cash's hard fork and more

By Greenchic | Investing and Trading | 21 Aug 2020


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 Bitcoin Cat talks about Bitcoin and Altcoin Dominance!!

cat, pet, garu, bitcoin, meowGaruji, Bitcoin Cat is narrating this Crypto News story

Remember me guys, I am Bitcoin Cat, with a  heart of Bitcoin and my Crypto enthusiast Mom has featured me in narration of some crypto stories in the past. Of late, my Mom has not posted much on me, her once star cat because her posts are all on other so called community cats on her Saturday/Caturday posts.

Meow cat, kitty GingaGaru says there are more posts on other cats than him these days!!

I really feel like a Bitcoin, old settled large cap coin, while the reader's attention is drawn to newer and younger cats who are like Alt coins being in the trend and creating buzz for now...ha...ha...ha...

The reason I mention that is I see my Mom reading news saying that Bitcoin Dominance has come down, while Alt Coin dominance has risen up which explains why so many ALT coins rocked in the crypto price action scene of late.

crypto market capitalisation, bitcoin and altcoin dominance
Market Cap Dominance Chart from

bitcoin dominance graph
Bitcoin Dominance graph from [trading view](

altcoin dominance
Altcoin Dominance graph from trading view

So, if other cats are getting featured more than me, the original Bitcoin cat, then it must be because ALT coin dominance has increased, and my prominence is declined, the once favorite star cat of my Mom…

 The lucky cat who got named after Crypto - Crypta

cat, pet, cryptaShe was Kitten Crypta once now she is cat Vanilla!!

Meow. I still believe I got to be her favorite cat, but I was not lucky enough to be named after any crypto, that privilege went to another kitten my ma got adopted, she got named Crypta, but now her name is changed to Vanilla. Above is Crypta’s aka Vanilla’s latest picture with her new family, she is damn loved there for sure.

cat, pet, GaruOk, so folks, so let me cat Garu with a heart of bitcoin have the privilege of narrating a crypto story, I love being the crypto narrator(:

 Bitcoin’s fork Bitcoin Cash will be split again through a hard fork

bitcoincash, bch,crypto, hardforkNovember 15th is the date of the hardfork!!

Right, everyone knows about the original king of crypto, Bitcoin. This original Orange king coin did get duplicated over time, as in August 2017, Bitcoin had a split and a hard fork came forth called Bitcoin Cash(BCH).

bitcoin cash, bch, hardfork

Image taken from article

Then my Mom remembers the bloody 2018 November, where a ruthless hashwar took place between two sections of the Bitcoin Cash community and the Bitcash Cash experienced a hard fork and split again into two -Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. The winner of that hash war was BCH ABC who got to take over the Bitcoin cash(BCH) network. That day cannot be forgotten because Bitcoin fell from 6000$ to 3300$, crypto crash!!

bitcoin crash 2018

Bitcoin's immediate crash after the Bitcoin Cash's Hash war of November 2018

So, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that’s listed in crypto analytics sites like coingecko as the 6th largest coin in terms of market capitalisation, is BCH ABC.

bitcoincash market capitalisation

BCH is 6th the largest crypto in market capitalisation, coingecko data 

Now this BCH ABC is going to have a hard fork on 15ht November this year. My Mom always considers BCH as shitcoin actually, however, she’s particularly disgusted with the personality heading BCH SV , Craig Wright, who has made news by proclaiming himself as the founder of Bitcoin; Satoshi Nakamoto. Ha, wonder who actually believes that.

Anyway, now coming back to the topic of the upcoming BCH ABC hard fork. The BCH ABC community is split over the matter of taxing miners as the Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) proposal that’s going to be carried out by the new fork of BCH ABC, will have miners pay tax. That is not all, the community has dispute over mining difficulty too, with the supporters of the new fork wanting to implement a new difficulty adjustment algorithm called “Grasberg”.

For readers information, Bitcoin Cash Network has it’s mining difficulty adjusted after every block that mined whereas for Bitcoin, mining difficulty gets adjusted only after every 2016th block that is mined.

Reference Link -

Right, and Meow now, because someone has commented that they intend to create a hard fork from BCH and it will be named after me, as it will be called Bitcoin Cat, oh I am so honoured. That will be good, because there is a crypto coin inspired out of Dog, its the barking Doge coin but till now not one single crypto is there based on the cat theme.

Na...actually that’s not true, Cat Appreciation tokens (CAT) are awarded for cat content on HIVE network, thanks to the @catnet community and I am an established community HIVEcat and I am very proud of it.

cat token, catnet

Reward for Cat content on HIVE chain with Cat Appreciation tokens

 Next crypto story narrator is going to be white cat Mochu - You can do it buddy!!

cat, white, mochu

Right, guys, my best buddy Mochu too wants to narrate a crypto story, he has never done that before because face it I am crypto cat, not all cats can be good crypto story narrators.

However, a Litecoin story is there and that silver crypto story should be narrated by a cat resembling it in real lifE and white furred creature Mochu is closer to the silver colours by miles than me. Wait for that story, I wish Mochu good luck on his crypto story narration, I am thereby bestowing my blessings to him.

cat, pets, garu, mochu

Goodday Humans, and my loving purrs to you crypto creatures, weather they be cat or human, we are fans of crypto, while most of you are fans of crypto and cats too like my Mummy, so nice.

Have a stellar lumens day...ha, ha, meant a stellar day.



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