Axed with Censorship - Youtube’s deletion of videos of well known Crypto Centric Youtubers
Youtube blackout due to which crypto youtubers had their videos removed!!
Axed with Censorship - Youtube’s deletion of videos of well known Crypto Centric Youtubers

By Greenchic | Investing and Trading | 27 Dec 2019


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During Christmas Eve, Youtube deleted videos of many well known crypto youtubers that we people follow. So, maybe, Youtube is not in favour of letting people spread knowledge on crypto and Blockchain technology, so it used its censorship weapon to delete such videos. This has obviously upset the crypto community, and the Youtubers because they took efforts in making these good quality videos to educate people on crypto and blockchain technology.

Many of us have learned about crypto, crypto trading and market fundamentals seeing youtube tutorials from crypto educators, analytics and such knowledged crypto investors. I learned basic Crypto TA or Technical Analysis from youtube channel Datadash that’s made by really smart and savvy economic market analyst and investor Nicholus Mertin. If it were not for that channel, I would not have understood that crypto investing demands patience and I must HODL cryptos by accumulating it in current times like now because anyway traditional market should crash sometime soon with the stock market being at an all time high and there being convincing signs of economic slowdown and probably recession.


Datadash channel has helped me in the analysis of crypto prices using popular indicators, check coinmarket cap figures and many such things. Nicholus imparted me crypto and general trading wisdom which has made me confident as a crypto investor. I just pick promising blockchain projects and HODL and wait, as digital asset prices should shoot up next 3 to 5 years when blockchain projects really find adoption and real use case. Although, I can also read price charts and understand whether the price of an asset price is low, or high, it’s support and resistance range, where the momentum or trend of the price movement is etc. Basically I have turned into a more savvy investor, very much into buying assets at a low price or when movementum is very much prevalent than the one who would FOMO in to buy asset just because price of that asset is shooting suddenly!! … I mean I am getting to be a more balanced investor, who is practical, and aims to build a crypto corpus and HODL, buying whenever crypto asset prices crash, a part of it anyway, dollar cost averaging methodology.

However now, Youtube has deleted all videos of DataDash and other crypto youtubers whose channels have been providing very insightful and valuable crypto information, and knowledge to crypto enthusiasts. Youtube videos from channels of crypto educators and price analysts like -
“BTCSessions”, “Ivan On Tech,” “Sunny Decree” and many more have been removed. Youtube’s reasons for this has been that the videos were “dangerous and harmful” and they come under the category of “certain regulated goods and services” which comprises a list of items such as - alcohol, explosives, human organs, nicotine, firearms, “online gambling casinos”, “counterfeit documents or currency” but cryptocurrency is not in that list which means they might have considered crypto,blockchain and even general finance content(as even videos talking about current market conditions and scenario were deleted) to be in one of the categories like “online gambling casinos” or “counterfeit documents or currency”

I am sure now with this being the case, Steem and its platforms like Threespeech and Dtube should find their value here, because they are social media platforms that are built on blockchain technology and meant to be censorship restraint.



Datadash also has a Steemit channel here at - @nicholasmerten



He has a website as well -

Giants like Facebook, Google(that owes youtube) are centralised and control, restrict and censor the content people post. They also are known to leak information of their users, sell them to ad companies and others so privacy too is an issue with these Centralised entities. THerefore, maybe blockchain powered , Censorship resistant social media platform is a much required platform in today’s age.

However, it’s totally sad that content on blockchain and general economic market conditions are been censored by Youtube): … I have been hoping I would be up to date with what’s happening in the crypto sphere listening to DataDash channel, so I know when to sell cryptos when the time starts, however, now I am on my own, have to proceed with the investments making my own analysis...but I am pretty confident I am equipped for it as I am well groomed for it by watching @nicholasmerten videos at Datadash channel.

Update - Looks, like Youtube has reinstated all the deleted videos(: , hours ago so let me get the needed updates on this from DataDash youtube channel - , so will post on this after getting the updates on Youtube setting right everything, maybe it’s not against crypto and blockchain, anyway(: ...





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