A decentralised Web3 Micro Blogging platform, that's censorship Resistant, where users have ownership over their content!!

An alternate decentralised Web3 Microblogging platform to Twitter - Leo Alpha

By Greenchic | Investing and Trading | 17 Feb 2023



Ever wanted a Twitter kind of Web3 Platform, without the Web2 issues ?

A decentralised Web3 Micro Blogging platform, that’s censorship Resistant, where users have ownership over their content!!

Such a platform has been launched on Hive Blockchain — it’s Leo Alpha, developed by LeoFinance Team under Project Blank!!

Damn cool is it not???

Introducing Project Blank | The Everything App Launches on Hive

Let’s go try out the Leo Alpha App and give our feedback!!

Since it’s newly launched, only core/basic features are active and there may be some bugs in the App. Users are encouraged to use it and give their feedback.

Now, Leo Alpha is in Open Alpha phase, meaning it’s open for users to use, but it will be production ready gradually, as week by week few features are added to the dapp. Each time we Leo Finance/Hive users should evaluate the functioning of Leo Alpha after new features are added to it.

Here is the Leo Alpha App link — https://alpha.leofinance.io/

Web3 Twitter features visible in Leo Alpha

As said, it’s an App designed for Microblogging, so it is a great alternative to twitter.

One can already see — Trending topics and threads!!


Leo Alpha

Although I read that long format content can also be published here!!

Shielding against risks of using Twitter by using Leo Alpha


Twitter Home Page

I was excited by this news because I am afraid to engage in Twitter, tweeting anything about crypto, because my Indian Government is pretty anti-crypto, and I don’t want to be trolled and harassed.

However, I lose out on opportunities to earn crypto this way because many Crypto projects reward the community crypto enthusiasts for creating educational threads about their Dapp product in twitter.

Unfortunately, I just am not comfortable writing about crypto on Twitter, where all these Government authorities are active, why alert their attention?, when their attitude towards crypto is hostile.

So, it’s a big disadvantage and I wished there was a Decentralised version of twitter, where I can tweet about crypto without fear of Trolls and Government tracking.

Which is why, I am thrilled about Leo Alpha and I am going to check it out. I am going to publish some Meme’s on Leo Alpha advantages as a decentralised Web3 Microblogging platform there very soon!!

Good bye until next time!!

About LeoFinance


Leo Finance

I can’t end without giving a basic brief about Leo Finance team that’s built Leo Alpha. Leo Finance is a Hive based content platform, where users get rewarded with leo tokens for writing articles on Finance and crypto related subjects.

You can check the site here — : https://leofinance.io/

However, Leo Finance expanded into building DEFI apps where Hive users can use their Hive and HBD tokens in DEFI. So, came up Leo Finance build DEFI apps on Ethereum — LeoFi, Binance — Cub Finance and Polygon — Polycub.

Leo Finance is a trusted and known team of developers in the Hive Blockchain ecosystem. They are well acclaimed for their contribution of introducing the element of DEFI for Hive users.

Thanks to their DEFI dapps, there are ways for Hive users to earn LP rewards using their HBD paired with other stablecoins in their various DEFI apps and there are derivative products of HBD like pHBD used in DEFI.

You can do your own research for more details since I am not familiar with these dapps or Leofinance as I use Hive platform mostly for posting long format content.

Thanks for reading!!


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