VeChain (VET) --- The future of supply chain

If you've heard of VET or VeChain before then this ARTICLE is a must for you to read


VE-Chain first begun in 2015 by the former CIO of LVMH China and was initially launched in 2016.

The aim was to bring transparency by using IoT technology through supply chain from Manufacturing to Retail Stores.

If you know China then you must have heard of all replicate products they export to outside world, but the Chinese themselves buying Original goods

for themselves to use.


This creates a huge gap of "Trust" in the supply chain all around the world but especially in China.


Sunny Lu (Co-Founder) of VeChain then CIO of LVMH saw a great opportunity and a solution to the current problem in supply chain from Luxury Brands to Real Estate. He decided to create a proof of concept which then become one of the largest blockchain company in China since 2016.


Ve-Chain is an excellent project that aim to solves many problems consumer/distributors faces today in China and all around the world. Using transparent technology with no single point of weakness, allows for greater security, efficiency and ease on tracking products in a given supply chain. It manages to build a bridge between Manufacturer - Distributor - Retails - Customers.

(VET) is currently ranked #14 and will continue to climb up the stairs during covid and after the covid is over, as a lot of transparency will be needed in supply chain management, VeChain can and will solve all the problems!


Currently the total market supply rolls at: 86,712,634,466 VET coins & current  circulating supply at: 64,315,576,989 coins

Current VET COIN: $0.2006 and its up 4-5% on daily basis.


This makes the coin highly favourable in the exchange & one of the best coin to invest!

I only invest for Long Term HODL%, I DON'T TRADE!


Research before you invest in any of the Project!

Don't be naive and just invest without doing your homework, be a good student of the game!

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I only invest for long term, not to trade in cryptocurrencies. I love good projects and buy % of it. Be a good investor.

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