Your Photo's Value Should Be Worth MORE! Not Just a LIKE On A Social Media

Your Photo's Value Should Be Worth MORE! Not Just a LIKE On A Social Media

Earn Cryptocurrencies From Your Photos

No job because of the lockdown? Utilize all your free time in the world by earning money from the photos you share. The photos that we share should be our own photos or from our friends that include you in those photos.

If you happen to love photography and like capturing the most amazing landscapes, sky-scrapers, inanimate objects, plants, animals or just simply taking photos of the food you have taken from restaurants then this platform of emerging social media is the best for you.

Disclaimer: If you ONLY wanted to earn money from this platform quickly and just be self-centered then do yourself a favor and close this page now.

We are not the center of the Solar System here and it is needed for us to genuinely interact with fellow community members who are more awesome than we are. If we happen to get astonished from the contents they've shared, let's all acknowledge their efforts by showing that we appreciate it either through an upvote ("like, heart" from other social media) and a comment how amazed we are. This way, we can start building connections with fellow users all over the world.

Things that we need to jump-start our career here:

Patience - Once you post your photo today, don't expect to feel the cash in your pocket the following day. It will take one week to turn 1/13 (7.7%) of your total tokens to liquid assets (fiat in Pesos or in Dollars). If you can wait 13 weeks from your earnings on each photos then you already have the number one requirement to have here.

Consistency - Posting at least 3x a day, replying to comments, welcoming new users that come across your sight, upvoting other member's creativity, following 5 members and making yourself updated with the token's value everyday is kinda hard thing for self-centered and lazy people. If you agree to be like this then you can be a great asset to the platform.

The need to learn new things - Learn from others as they might also learn from what you can do. Learn how cryptocurrency works and why it is being called as the future of money. Learn the basics of trading - Buy Low, Sell High! Learn new things and share it to your friends and not be selfish.

Effort - The "getting-started" part after downloading the apps can be very challenging so it is really needed to be vigilant in learning new things. Talk about going back to the first requirement.

Smart-Phone (Android and iOS) and of course the internet - not a free data only. The number tool we need to take photos and upload those using the app.

Your own photos to share - and not the ones we get on the internet.

Work-ethics and integrity - Do not create multiple accounts so that you will have some trolls that would post comments how amazing you are. That's pathetic and kinda being desperate. Do not beg for upvotes or tell people upvote your post and you'll upvote theirs. Same as following people. If you are not in the mood to be nice to other people then there is always another day for you to immerse yourself here in this platform

Time - You must have at least 1-2 hours a day to do all these activities each day cumulatively.

Respect - The last but not the least requirement but very important.

If you agree to these terms and conditions then JOIN NOW by typing these letters to your browser and enter your email then click send! Type these words in all CAPS and no spaces.

ย B I T . L Y / J O I N A P P I C Sย 

Or simply just click that link above. Yes it will redirect you to the invitation page.

I've done this shortened link to track the number of people that are actually checking the site out. I am currently on top of the ranks referring members on this social media platform with a total of 130 members who signed up from my referral link (as of today April 08, 2020). Yes, you will have your own referral link as well and please have the decency of letting me earn by your signing-up from my link.

Once you already signed up. Wait for two days for the instructions on how to download the app. Or if you are as excited as I am when I saw this opportunity and cant wait to start ASAP, then let me know:

Twitter: @EironFycee
Instagram: fyzeon
Mobile: +639060449126

Please include on your message how I can reach you as well so that we can communicate and start instantly. Please make sure that you were able to enter you email address on the JOINAPPICS link above before doing so.

After all, your captured memories are not just worth a simple like or a heart widget from a social media. It deserves more! Thru APPICS, your passion will definitely get rewarded.

Thank you for reading this post and hope to see you here.

Share your passion to all of us here.

Inviting you to our uber-some community members,

@Fyceeย | APPICS Ambassador - Philippines


My most updated proof of earnings from my photos (April 08, 2020)

This can be checked on


The 137 APX I have earned from my photos before is now worth $2.50 at this time of writing. The $2.50 amount can either go higher or lower so you needed to always be updated so that you'll maximize the earnings as well from trading it to stable-coins.


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