The New Banano (BAN) Miner - Powerplant
The New Banano (BAN) Miner - Powerplant

This new miner is a third party mining project from the old one. You can still use your same Banano Wallet ID you have used before on the previous mining site.


New Banano Miner "PowerPlant"

Be one of the first miners, share to others and gain from their mined earnings.

Sign Up here and mine Banano using your mobile device.  

Please consider clicking my link for you to join and start mining for free. Please also check the first Banano Miner as you can open two different mining pages at the same time.

Here is the instruction on how to do it.  

FREE but Legit CPU Miner.  

  • - Create your Banano wallet
  • - Sign up here
  • - paste your wallet ID.
  • - start mining. Do not close the browser till you reach 10.
  • - withdraw once you hit 10 Banano on confirmed balance.
  • - create a mercatox account.
  • - exchange to BTC.
  • - Then transfer to your local wallet.  


For more info, click my previous post here on Publish0x regarding the original Banano Miner. This is the initial mining site that they have released.   Original Banano Miner Post.   It is said on the original miner that they are going to reduce the pay-out rates by 50%. ( If I am not mistaken, it means that the 50% reduced amount is the mining speed that we do have in the original mining site.   Minimum pay-out for both miners is 10 Banano. Currently, the price of one Banano now is 38 Satoshi-BTC at this time of writing.   Will just keep this blog straight, simple and short.  

Thank you so much for visiting my promotional blog about Banano Miner and have a wonderful start of the week!

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