REVU Token From Revuto - The First DAPP Of Cardano (ADA)

A great strategy indeed! Waited to land within the top 10 at the 7th place just a few hundreds of Millions of Dollars below the top 6, Cardano (ADA) onboarded its first-ever decentralized app that involves tapping the subscription of the Top Brands.

We are aware of the heavy marketing strategies of some companies to lure potential subscribers to get on with their traps specifically Free-Trials, overwhelmingly complicated processes to unsubscribe not to get charged and hidden charges alongside with the subscriptions.

This subscription economy is growing 100% YoY.

The ultimate goal of Revuto is to let people save money from taking control of their payments over what, when and how they manage their subscriptions.

By leveraging Cardano native tokens and DeFi to pay for the subscriptions, Revuto's ecosystem is designed to save people's money regardless of the crypto market conditions.

What can a Revuto dApp do?


Once you signed up, you will have the option to get a FREE Revuto Debit Card. Aside from getting rewarded with 300 REVU Tokens, You will have the ability to do all these:

  • DEPOSIT NATIVE TOKENS - Deposit Cardano native tokens to your Revuto dApp.
  • PAY AND SUBSCRIBE - Use Revuto Virtual Debit cards to subscribe and pay with Cardano Native tokens.
  • GET REFERRAL REWARDS - Bring us your friends and earn rewards in REVU tokens.
  • STAKE YOUR REVU - Stake and keep REVU tokens while getting a loan in stable coin to pay for your subscriptions.
  • GET CASHBACK - Get cashback in REVU tokens when paying for your subscriptions.
  • EARN YIELD - Earn yields on your REVU tokens when providing liquidity to the protocol.

See, this is going to be an extremely win-win situation just by signing up and getting the debit card because there are also lots of earning opportunities and SAVINGS (which we all love) just by signing up the least.

Sign up now! Super easy process by providing only your name and your email address plus verifying by clicking the link sent to you by email (might take a few minutes to arrive - by experience)

Here is my referral link: Get 10 $REVU Tokens Bonus upon sign up.

Token Sale on Cardano helping the REVU Token to revolutionize the subscription economy will start on May 18th.

Go to their website:

click the "WHITELIST" button in which it will let you fill out your name, email address and phone number.

Taglines you may use when sharing to your social media to gain referrals:


Biggest Brands are now utilizing Cryptocurrency as PAYMENTS, REWARDS and UPGRADES.
- Imagine paying your monthly bill on Netflix using your gained points from what I am doing.
- Imagine streaming on Spotify and ACTUALLY REWARD your Favorite singers on your playlist.
- Imagine FREE shipping from Amazon because of your REVU Tokens.
- Imagine watching HBOgo programs and movies (in the US) because of your tokens instead of subscribing to HBO-Max and SAVE $15 per month.

All of these features in the future! Sign up, Enter your email and just verify the link and you'll be able to get 10 REVU Tokens and be able to unlock possibilities to EARN more!

After signing up, you will have the chance to unlock more earning opportunities aside from the 10 REVU sign-up bonus. You will have the chance to earn:

100 REVU - By bringing in 10 of your friends

300 REVU - Early access to the Revuto app, Free Revuto Debit card, Bringing in 30 friends

600 REVU - Lifetime subscription to Revuto pro, Free Revuto Debit Pro card, No transaction fees, Cashback in REVU tokens, bringing in 60 friends

What are you waiting for?

Click this link and join NOW!


We were all surprised by what Cardano (ADA) showed landing in the Top 10 a few months after their launching. Since this would be their first ever project, they will indeed take care of this and put their ultimate focus with their pioneering project. Will we let ourselves just be spectators alone or ride with their progress?

Not a financial advice!

I am Fycee, an APPICS Senior Ambassador and an active Telos Community Marketing team member delving in the world of other opportunities because I believe that collaboration is the key to success and not a competition.


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