Is There An Ongoing BULLRUN Now? Crypto Assets Value Is Soaring High Today!

Is There An Ongoing BULLRUN Now? Crypto Assets Value Is Soaring High Today!

The value of my 743 BNTY that I have cashed out today that lies inside my MEW was transferred to my new Kucoin account.

Its value is now around 0.00083292 BTC but I was able to get the most out of its value because I was able to exchange it to USDT since I wanted to get the highest amount of this token only for today. Worried it might crash again later on.


Transferred my balance to Trading Account to exchange it to BTC/USDT pairing.


Then all in all my 743 BNTY is around $4.5 when I exchanged it to USDT from BTC value initially.



How are you keeping up with the BULLRUN today?

Let me know your thoughts please. Were you also able to get along with it?

This batch of BNTY tokens that I have earned now, it's around 500 BNTY. This will be meant for me to HODL.

I have just seen the HYDRO Tokens being sent as well as tips! Let me check this one out too.

Here is my post for my recent cash out and the proof it was already sent to my MEW ETH wallet.

Cash Out Proof Here On Publish0x: A Spark Of Motivation For Everyone!


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Introduction To CryptoCurrencies

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