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You read it right! Earning money in as easy as taking photos of yourself, friends, places, inanimate objects and even former photos you had a long time ago. Just make sure it's yours and you're ready to start your career with us. The Beta-phase has already finished and it is now officially launched inviting everyone to start strutting their creativity, skills and talent to everyone.

Your photos may be categorized with these following niche: Lifestyle, travel, animals, fitness, music, wisdom, purpose, comedy, cryptocurrency, food and a lot more.

I have been a member of this decentralized app and already earned around $200 since December. How much more if I were like you who can be very active and may be able to get a lot more members here, right?

Here is the link to click for you to join!

Join APPICS now!

When you click that link, it will redirect you to a page where you need to enter your email address. Then click send for the instructions to download the app to be sent to your email.


Then click send!

Go to your email to get started!

Just want to share my highest earned upvote amount so far!


I have earned around $110 after 7 days after I have posted this photo.

So what are you still waiting for? This is the time where we can earn even we are in a NO-WORK-NO-PAY status!

The app runs on Steem Blockchain and there have been no problems encountered during cash out in three years.

The app itself is new and I have just joined the community since December 2019.

I will be guiding you how to earn, encash and build your network to increase your chance to get noticed and get high upvotes.

The cover photo alone got around $9.00 of upvote values from other members. Though it is just a simple art, it brings a very significant meaning.

Once you already get into the platform, connect with me and let me know you have joined using my link or was able to ready this post.

See you all there! Again there is the link to click to join: https://ref.appics.com/?ref=fycee

Join the Facebook messenger now for real-time tutorial and answers to your questions:


Cryptocurrency / Token: APPICS Tokens (APX)

Primary Exchanger of this Token is in NewDex

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