CryptoCarbon (CCRB) Cash-Back, Shop & Mine Cryptocurrency Platform

CryptoCarbon (CCRB) Cash-Back, Shop & Mine Cryptocurrency Platform

Who wouldn't want to have loyalty rewards in form of cryptocurrency that also gains value in the market as time goes by? I would definitely want this kind of platform wherein I am also gaining much out of my purchases instead of only having points from the loyalty programs.

CCRB is all about innovation and forward-thinking in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, which is exactly why it’s written on the dynamics of the ‘Proof of Spending Protocol (POSp)’, a patented protocol that validates transactions and the parties carrying out those transactions, to create new value to all parties involved (Patent App No: GB1719487.9)


The POSp protocol covers all validated spending between various parties including public-sector spending, private-sector spending, trade spending, charity spending, and indeed any other sort of transaction that can be processed between two or more parties.

E-commerce Market Expansion
CCRB has developed this concept in response to the continued growth and expansion of the e-commerce market, which is currently valued at about 2.5 trillion USD.

This market value continues to increase rapidly and is predicted to reach nearly 5 trillion USD by the end of 2021.

With the market for e-commerce purchasing using the internet and mobile gathering pace all the time, and more consumers now comfortable and willing to experiment with more innovative and technologically-advanced methods of purchasing goods online, CCRB felt the time was right to introduce this new protocol technology for the burgeoning cryptocurrency consumer community - and we are excited by the prospect of this development benefiting them by providing the power to reduce the effects of inflation, and give them more options and choices for dealing with tough economic conditions when they purchase goods and services.

Easy and Accessible Cryptocurrency
CCRB has also developed the ‘Proof of Shopping (POSh) protocol, which is part of the ‘Proof of Spending Protocol (POSp)’ - POSh is a concept that makes mining cryptocurrency easy and accessible to everyone who shops.

Energy Consumption Benefits
Both the POSp and POSh protocols and the concepts behind them are designed in part to resolve the current energy consumption issues that are of concern to the cryptocurrency industry with respect to the mining of crypto - with these new concepts from CCRB, consumers can mine the cryptocurrency through shopping and spending on the CCRB CryptoLife platform.

Greater Spending Power and Choice with Crypto
In addition, they can do so using the uniquely beneficial High Internal Value of the CCRB cryptocurrency, which gives them a much higher value when they spend CCRB on the internal shopping platform, and with products and services available from more than 35,000 outlets across millions of products, in more than 200+ countries - these new protocols and concepts from CCRB offer tremendous choice and value to consumers all over the world who wish to use cryptocurrency for the purchasing of products and services.

Get free CCRB Tokens when you register today.
Click this link and start collecting coins now:

This Cryptocurrency has been introduced to the public for TokenSale last Mid-2017. It has been very popular with the crypto-enthusiasts, bounty hunters and Airdrop seekers those times. The project would seem to be very confusing the reason they were only able to adopt just a Million subscribers.

Listed at, today it has this value


Though the site has its own internal value of let's say 1.22 CCRB is equivalent to $5.86 at this point:


Start Mining CryptoCarbon (CCRB) and earn for FREE

Click this link now and the next steps will be posted

Click start mining and please do this settings afterwards:


Then adjust your miner to 80% Speed and 4 Threads:


Again, here is the link to register to CCRBx mining:

Then do not close the browser and let it mine CCRB for you.



You can also earn CCRB when you SHOP at the listed merchants they are affiliated with.


Plus a lot more! You just have to enter your search from the categories at the top of the screen.


Here is the detailed explanation of how you can earn from Shop & Mine Program of CCRB Platform:

This screenshot is from the website itself so I would really recommend to click on my link shared to join CCRB for more information.




If you are trying to save money from having cash back and spending points on loyalty programs, this will help you out understand your edge with CCRB Platform:


Simpler & More Convenient Mining

Shop & Mine enables you to quickly and easily get involved in the booming cryptocurrency market with absolutely zero-risk to yourself. All you are doing is simply shopping for the products that you love and would buy anyway, and being rewarded with complimentary cryptocurrency along the way - this is a new, better way to mine cryptocurrency, and it couldn't be simpler or more convenient.


Your Rewards Can Increase Over Time

As well as getting free bonus cryptocurrency that you can spend on our internal platform at up to 10x higher than the external market rate, you can also choose to keep hold of the CCRB that you have mined, and it's value will increase in line with any external market value increases. So the complimentary CCRB that you have mined through shopping can increase in value over time - which can represent a great investment.


Dynamic Mining That Keeps Working For You

As the external market value of CCRB increases, we also increase the High Internal Value of your CCRB, meaning that over time the CCRB that you have mined can also become worth more when you use it to shop on our internal platform. This means you can make even greater savings on products you purchase over time.


Easier Conversion To Other Cryptocurrencies

Once you have CCRB, you can quickly, easily and conveniently convert it to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through our crypto exchange CCRBX, or a number of other exchanges that CCRB is listed on. Compare this to receiving rewards in Fiat money, where the process of converting that to Bitcoin is often more drawn out and more complicated for many people.



Purchase Gift Cards (Gift Codes)  / Coupons for yourself or send to your friend or a family member as a gift surprise. This includes my favorite, Starbucks Coffee!


You can use your earned CCRB from referrals or the coins you gained from mining. This will also include huge discounts when you purchase it here using your CCRB or Credit Card purchase.

White Paper and Lite Paper are also available for everyone to see!

The crypto wallets & trade platforms are powered and operated by TechBank OÜ in compliance with European regulations.
(Licenses FVR000419 and FRK000341).

Thank you so much for reading my CCRB Write-Up. I hope you will consider this platform too in your list.

Have a great day my dear fellow publish0x friends, follow me and grateful for the support you are always giving!

An honest to goodness review posted by a fellow steemian about CCRB a year ago for transparency purposes:

Crypto Carbon CCRB must be a Scam Coin?-My Personal Review, And please drop your honest review. By @Katteasis

I also created a write up of CCRB on steemit. Check it out here: 

Latest News about CryptoCarbon from Google is here:

Posted 20 Hours ago and also the cover image source.

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