CoinGecko & IOST 28,000 IOST Give-Away 9-Days Left From Today!

Who wouldn't want to get Free IOST from the super simple tasks needed for users and promoters to do which can strengthen their chances of winning the major prizes!

This is purely simple tasks to do. All you need to do first is click this link to start earning the chance to win the major prizes.

Let's start now! Click this link:

You will be redirected to another page that would make you start earning the entries. We need to click this one to start!


Then there will be a pop-up where we authorize this app to be linked to our twitter account.


Let's just click Authorize App button and it will then ask you to close the pop-up afterwards.

These are the 5 major tasks to do. But to start this one, Let's do first the 5th task which is Follow @iostabc on Twitter by clicking the +1 Button.


Click Follow then a pop up from twitter will appear


And all we need to do is click Follow! Once done, let's close the pop-up.

To continue, we need to enter our Twitter username and click the Continue button.


We need to enter our Twitter name and email address to join the program after that process once were done clicking the continue button.

Then let's proceed clicking the other 4 major items / tasks above one by one but with a few minutes interval to avoid being flagged by twitter.

To earn more entries, this will be shown in the last task to do after we're finished doing the 4 major tasks left so we can share this to our friends and network members.


Copy your referral link and share it to your friends or your social media wall!

Best of luck to all of us!

IOST is really getting its edge among its fellow cryptocurrencies in the market and today, it is ranked #54 on CoinGecko.

And today's Real Time exchange value in USD:

For more information, please click this link from CoinGecko:

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to post it as comments and I will answer it the soonest time possible. Follow me here on publish0x and check out my other awesome posts about the crypto-sphere. Have a wonderful weekend. Best of luck to all of us winning the major prize!

The prize of IOST is just a bit more than a cent of a Dollar. Why not bag a lot to start the HODL?

This is Fycee, sharing this super awesome partnership of CoinGecko with IOST. In which the former is definitely being promoted here on publish0x.

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Cover Image Source is the referral link itself.


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