Authorship Tokens (ATS): Platform For E-Book Writers Sharing Their Crafts
Authorship Tokens (ATS): Platform For E-Book Writers Sharing Their Crafts

It was the Middle of year 2017, sometime in August when I have first delved into Airdrops and be able to share this opportunity to a large group of crypto-wannabies which turned out to be a success because it really dispensed real money thru ERC20-Ready ETH wallet to store all my accumulated ATS. Once a person signed up, he will automatically have 75 ATS just like he will also be able to acquire 75 ATS when a person signs up under his referral link.

Glad to share that my marketing prowess has been a success and I was able to invite a lot of people and made around 900 Authorship Tokens or probably more. I already forgot. I'm so sorry about that. Here is a sample of how I shared this opportunity to my wall where I have already guided a lot of people how to do cryptocurrency initially.


The link of the site is a lock-up site so the original person who invited you will be the person who's going to be your sponsor. It is a kind of technology that the site has given the online marketers and for the site's security for multiple accounts to avoid abusing the program's funds.

It is already listed on coinmarketcap and too far from the Top 50 but it is one of the firsts to successfully launched this amazing airdrop which turned out to be real money afterwards.

190903265-c2c0d22aedb0c5cc9dc37aae8c41ca7354441a63ab6c46d08f6a828bd5b4f9d2.jpeg Screenshot

Look at this part of the chart enclosed with a red rectangle. These are the times when the price of the token is really responsive with the market. Though the price today is not even one cent of a dollar. Everything that is on sale there on their website is very affordable. It turns out that you can almost but them for less than a dollar. Take a close look and analyze whether this is another pump and dump scheme of the developers too. For now, let's check the platform itself.

Check out their Best-seller e-books:


If I was not able to SELL to fiat the 900 ATS coins that I had then I will be able to have money in my dashboard and will be able to buy some out of the efforts I got sharing their program. But honestly I would just like to HODL my coins until this program will be given a break again.

If you, as an author which I know a lot of bloggers here as well, would like the chance to be featured amongst the best writers here. The first platform for its kind, then check their website out.

The site also features e-Books that promotes Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Technology. There are also a lot of genres to choose from when you wanted to just read others' masterpieces.

What does the platform mainly do?

In a nutshell, it is an all-in-one stop solution for every writers, publishers and translators major problems making their crafts to be seen by the public and available for public eyes' consumption.

As authors, content writers, or e-Book creators just like some of us here just lurking out there who possess tremenduous talents, creativity, and vast imagination, we would somehow have major challenges in publishing our masterpiece to the public. So, here in their platform, the connection of the best authors and publishers widening gap becomes resolved.

The authors major problems in publishing their contents are now solved because of this program.

They do not have to worry finding an ideal publisher anymore or fret if their masterpieces will have enough sales or not since they will be able to have a fixed monthly income from Authorship platform. The site also provides a wide range of different publishers who could process their works into digital and printed format from the authors choice of course. The publishers will be the one to outbit themselves from the authors masterpiece and the authors can sit back, relax and enjoy the royalties they will receive from Authorship which is 90% from digital sales and 50% from the printed copy sales it would generate. The authors masterpiece will also be translated into different languages as the platform also hired translators and reward them with top of the line compansation packages.

As for the publishers, they will all be given a fair chance of competing with other publishing houses no matter how popular or not. They won't have to undergo the hunt for better publishing and selling opportunities since the platform already does that for them.



Check their website here!


The exchanger when you wish to purchase books is powered by Bancor. << >>


There are Four Major Genres of Books to choose from from Action & Adventure, Crime and Fiction, Humor, and Romantic Suspense. Please do not forget to check the sub-categories as the screenshot shows that Action and Adventure Genre has a lot of sub-categories to choose from. One example is Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies which most of us here, our favorite. So check it out!

Ever wondered that this platform could threaten publish0x functionality with all these genres they are providing?

If you somehow are adept and knows the difference up to the source-code level part knowledge of these programs then please share it with us here in the comments section.

Would you think that posting this Intriduction to Cryptocurrencies blog post sharing ATS to all the active members here would be a conflict of interest? Let me know as well.

I am just really glad to share this platform as this is the spark of the Airdrops marketing strategy of introducing this token to the mass.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Follow me here and let's make this platform rock in a good way.

This is @fycee and see you on my next post.


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