Asset Stream (AST) | Microfinancing At Its Best - Your Choice For The Future

Asset Stream (AST) | Microfinancing At Its Best - Your Choice For The Future

The Global Decentralizated Peer To Peer Microfinance Platform - Replacing intermediaries utilizing the Blockchain Technology.

This platform is mainly for Microfinancing with trading activities set for the VERIFIED MEMBERS.



  • Not an app / this is a web-based online earning program.
  • Sign up, perform KYC (submit ID and selfie) this process is instant, you will receive a notification in your email for the approval in minutes
  • with Google 2FA for security purposes.

Get 2,000 AST worth $20 plus earn another set of 8,000 AST worth $160 if you invest your initial 2,000 AST from their 7-day-investment plan which will let you earn real money.   Click this link now, register, and perform the KYC Verification!


You might be having challenges signing the digital document. All you need to do is click the bluebox signature part and write your name using the font you have chosen. (e-signature)

Upon sign up, you will already receive your 2,000 AST Tokens. You cannot do anything with that balance once your account is still NOT yet VERIFIED.

The verification process for the KYC is instant. It will need a front copy of your passport or National ID, then a selfie of you holding the ID. Once you're done with that, just wait for a few minutes and wait for the email notifying you that KYC is already approved.

Once you already received your 2,000 AST (Asset Stream Token) you will have the opportunity to choose if you would participate in their Welcome program for you to earn 8,000 AST more, eventually, you will use your 2,000 AST that was given for FREE this time. (You'll receive 4,000 AST)

Another option would be investing to their 7-day-short investment program which will let you EARN ASTH.


Just make sure that you were able to invest in the 7-day-investment program (I chose FINANIGO). Once you used your 2,000 AST there, (I invested 4,000 AST) it will earn ASTH every minute or every hour and it will be shown on your dashboard. This is convertible to ASD. (Just choose wallet) and click CONVERT. ASD can then be converted to BTC, BCH or ETH that you can withdraw anytime.


Do not hesitate to post a comment here if you do have questions. Please consider clicking my link for us to both earn here.

This line below will be edited for screenshots guiding you how to earn and how to convert these currencies into BTC, BCH or ETH.

More updates later. Just sign up for now. I was able to convert my ASTH now to ASD that can be converted to Bitcoin Cash.

Update 1: July 15


My 4,000 AST Bonus was invested in their 7-day investment plan which earns per hour and eventually the 59.73 earnings inside the red box is my profit. The 59.73 AST that I got here should be converted to ASD where the arrow was pointed at. Then you will need to convert the ASD to BTC, BCH, or ETH. In my case I chose Bitcoin Cash for less fees during withdrawal.

The 8,000 AST that I got here in which I can also invest to another short term program is from my Referral Bonuses from each verified invites. 1,000 AST is given for each individual who becomes verified. In total. I already have a badge for 35 invites at the moment. Next badge will be given if I reached 40 referrals.

Please take note of activating your wallet. It will either be or all of these currencies are being supported. Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Etherium (ETH). Save and store your 24-words-passphrase please. Enter the corresponding words in the blanks.


Invite more friends to earn more AST to invest to another short term plan:


Then copy your link from here



Re-investing my 10,000 AST from my Referral Bonuses to the 30-Day Investment Plan:




This will let me earn hourly added to my earnings from my initial 4,000 AST Investment.

Here is the link again to click for you to join now!


Do not hesitate to contact the chat support if you have questions or you can post a comment here too.

Next update will be posted in a few hours below this line



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