Argentas | The Disruption Of Global Finance - A New World Currency
Argentas | The Disruption Of Global Finance - A New World Currency

Revolutionizing money, payments and financial services will not come from banks or traditional businesses. These institutions do not disrupt and wouldn't wanted to be disrupted either. But this new platform does and absolutely will. The Next-Gen blockchain technologies make this possible instantly.

Stop right here because this is a promotional blog about Argentas and if you are allergic to referral links then might as well go back to the Publish0x home page or New Posts.

The sign up process is a lot easier and creating an account doesn't require you to download anything. All you need is your email address, your full name and nominate a string-based password. It will also require both referrer and referral to confirm and validate the registration. Multiple accounts will definitely get you banned. Both you and your invites and your sponsor will lose all their tokens. It has a limited referral system as well. This limitation will definitely avoid people from abusing the funds given as bonuses.

According to this platform, The Network is the Bank - A true democritization of Finance.

Argentas' is using HydraNet payment network. This technology is based on the advanced "Architecture of Money" to enable global scale and speed but still focusing on unsurpassed ease and being user-friendly to platform holders.


The Three Key-Dimensions of Argentas Ecosystem


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Let us explain these three highlights of the platform:

Fast and seamless because of Hydranet and will seldom have upgrades which can be resulting to network disrutpion. This is because of its quantum resistance which prevents a lot of maintenance shut-downs. The bridges act as a network of connecting all wallets to sources such as banks. The banks will be included in the platform in the long run as they will be the sources that provides funds to wallets. Decentralized applications will also be used in this platform in which the interface can also be used on mobile devices for a greater user-friendly experience.


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If you want to know more about The Network, The Bridges, and The Dapps. Here is a screenshot of the part you would know beneficial info:

And this part can be seen here in the website:

I'm gonna be realistic here. This platfrom and Hydranet proliferates the use of their supposed to be token named "X". Yes, it's the letter X. They claim to be the digital asset of the 21st Century. With due respect, Bitcoin and the top cryptocurrencies are already evolving at the same time this token is being introduced to the public. Here I am sharing this viable information to everyone on Publish0x. Unless they will be able to find a way that a very reputable person who would promote this token to the public then this will not gain the right amount of attention it would need for mass adoption.

Otherwise if this coin will be used by instagram, facebook or twitter then this might become really the future of the digital assets with a social media use-case.

Though the user-experience they have set is really promising, there are other cryptocurrencies in the top of the market which is reliably fast, seamless and safe as well. This would just be another community-based token I assume. Are they referring to banks? Why do you disregard and curse banks by the way? Banks have secured our money and made it safe. Are you disgusted with the small interest rate that they give you? Then why did you even make a deposit and agreed to their terms and conditions anyway? Are you feeling envious that they do generate money out of the money of others or probably your own as well? Then do yourself a favor and crate your own wealth-generating process and leave banks alone.

Anyway, I would share you this opportunity coz this might really be the future. 



Upon registration by clicking this link:

You will be redirected to another page to enter your details.

Please do not forget to verify your email address and I will also get notified with your registration which I need to validate as well.

Do not create multiple accounts here and let's value our work-ethics because the site is legit and will pay us FREE tokens after validation. 

Automatically receive 6,250 AXU and a chance to earn more every referral. Sing up now and know how much you'll get for every referrals.

For you to be able to get the 6,250 you need to register on my link and will not be able to get you bonus if you just registered to the site itself and not my referral link. Maximum of 6 people for referrals only. You cannot invite 7 people. Only 6!

1 AXU = 0.00000025 BTC

Want to have more AXU other than what we can reserve? 

Well, a limited quantity of further AXUs has been made available for all the members on an exclusive basis.

The price per one AXU of this restricted stock is only 0.01 XLM, buy XLM first before we can be able to activate our AXU wallet.

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