the beauty in christmas


Every family celebrates christmas in a unique way. It might be an unconventional custom to welcome someone or even a speech of gratitude for the nourishment and existence, but it's our way of expressing gratitude. Christmas is an occasion for investing more time with loved ones, giving gratitude and showing affection, buying gifts, spreading cheer, and remembering the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. These are the universal connotations of Christmas, according to numerous people.

Instead, than just focusing on knowing the precise date of Jesus' birth, Christians celebrate Christmas because they firmly believe that God came to earth in the form of a human to making amends for humankind's transgressions. The true meaning of Christmas is that wherever there is hope, kindness, serenity, and energy, God's purpose and destiny will come to pass. For our household, Christmas would also be a time to commemorate the birth of our Savior and God's amazing gift to the world. And such a gathering strengthens the customs that unite our household in a special way through this whole wonderful season.

Christmas is an incredibly wonderful time of year. It has the impression of having a scepter capable of bestowing enchantment on the entire planet. Miracle that would spread such happiness over the globe. I feel as though I am in a magical world where everyone is dazzling their eyelashes for the holiday season, and I am dwelling there. Not to forget that Christmas makes me feel like a kid again. Despite the fact that I am currently over 20 years old, I am still quite enthusiastic for Christmas. Furthermore, the atmosphere is enhanced with Christmas music. It warms my soul with an incredible warmth. My cardiac muscle is really gushing with joy when I think about how lovely Christmas is.



Family's souls are also made magical by Christmas. I adore how enthusiastic the kids are to start this holiday because so many positive changes take place during this period. Reflecting closely, everytime Christmas came approaching, my siblings and I would write notes to Father christmas requesting all the presents we wanted for just that particular Christmas. We became ecstatic to get those things from Father christmas as well. After that, on Christmas Day, we received a gift that said, "from Father christmas." We hardly imagined that anyone other than our parents might have given the present. The Holiday spirit is especially amazing.

The Christmas period is also an occasion for gatherings and anniversaries with friends and acquaintances. When I was younger, my relatives would frequently host a gathering of my family and friends, and we always had such a tremendous experience. To connect with our close friends and relatives, we arrange food, activities, and perhaps even presents. We liked that period so much.

christmas is awesome and it is just 2 days away from it and i am well prepared to enjoy it all because it happens just once in a year and waiting for another christmas is far away, so i am putting all my interest in here. i am inviting all my friends over and we can all share our memories including old ones we had together and the new ones also.

i am grateful for the life i have and some people that wish they could celebrate christmas are no longer alive but here i am anticipating it and hopefully i will celebrate it.
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introducing myself to this awesome platform
introducing myself to this awesome platform

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