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Awesome Music Videos -- OK Go - The One Moment -- Super Slow Motion Music Video -- Must Watch!

By MoreGainStrategies | Internet Gold | 12 Sep 2020

Think about it:

Every second about 10 hours of video material is uploaded to YouTube.

How can anybody watch all that?

Nobody can

-- and nobody should.

Do you also find yourself browsing YouTube hoping to find an inspiring or interesting video? And more often than not, you end up being disappointed? It has become very hard to find great content among all the noise. 

That is why I have started this blog. I spend way too much time on the internet, especially on YouTube. And now I start sharing my findings with you. In this series I am presenting to you the very best of what I find -- so that you get the most rewarding experience out of the little leisure time you have.

Let's start the series in this first installment with a great music video. 

Do you enjoy watching slow motion videos?

Do you think it is possible to film an entire music video in just 4.2 seconds?

And then slow it down to 4 minutes? And the end result is visually pleasing?

You are in for a treat. Here is the video in which the band OK Go has done exactly that:

And here is the proof that what you saw was actually real.

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