Awesome Music Video Battle: "Car Music" -- Imagine Dragons - Believer (Remake) VS OK Go - Needing/Getting

By MoreGainStrategies | Internet Gold | 13 Sep 2020


I started my new blog which I call "Internet Gold". To celebrate this event, I am posting a second article. And not only do you get two articles today, you get two amazing music videos in this one article!

Ok, enough with the sales pitch.

This is the second installment of my series on great music videos. And we have a battle. Let's begin:

Do you think cars are musical? 

After all, they do make a lot of different noises. And there are actually sound engineers involved in car development whose job it is to make sure that the sounds a car makes are audibly pleasing. And I'm not only talking about the engine or exhaust noises. Pretty much every sound a car makes is carefully designed -- such as when the car doors are being closed.

So how about using a car as a musical instrument?

Let's watch what happens when some musically talented people -- with a lot of time on their hands -- tackle that idea.

Pretty amazing, right? Do you prefer the original song or this remake? Let me know in the comments!


Kurt Hugo Schneider and his friends were not the first people to come up with the idea of using a car as a musical instrument. Of course, our friends from the band OK Go had this idea 5 years earlier. And they did it the only way they knew how:





Of course...

Let's watch:

You probably think:

There must have been a lot of editing done to this video to make it look like they built a giant course with hundreds of musical instruments to race the car within. Nobody is that crazy to build something like that in real life.

Oh boy, how wrong you would be if you thought that.

Everything you saw in this video -- was real!

Everything you heard -- was actually recorded by the microphones you saw in the clip. 

I understand if you want to watch the video again. Go ahead, watch it again. I wait here for your return. (I have probably watched it 100 times and it never fails to amaze me.)

The band actually made

a whole series of "making of"-videos

for this music video. I can only imagine how much time they spent on making that one music video.

As I said in a comment before

Sometimes it feels like the band OK Go only makes music as an excuse to shoot insanely elaborate music videos.

Here is the first "making of"-video -- as a starting point for going down that rabbit hole. Enjoy!


Which "car music video" did you prefer? Who won the battle? OK Go or Kurt Hugo Schneider? Let me know in the comments!

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