The TCG world is tremendously undervalued.

Good afternoon community, in my country is happening the Cyber Dai something similar to the holidays of offers in the United States and I found extremely interesting the non-valuation of products of 1 quality.

In Chile there is a brand called, Mitos y Leyendas with more than 20 years of trajectory, their cards are really precious, they have a history of having passed from generation to generation in the school yards.

Der persona, in person, they were commonly sold in kiosks throughout the country.

But little by little it was extinguished, with the arrival of consoles, more accessible internet, many more direct distractions were taking away the place.


When I realized that packs were being sold, I did not hesitate to investigate what was behind it, and my surprise was great.

To give you an example by comparing it with any nft on the internet, the quality and workmanship of the illustrations, you really learn to value art over marketable or commercial art.

Also add that Myths and Legends has cards with history as Romulus and Remus world history, contemporary philosophy, history of Chile, as a viewer I strongly recommend that you read or watch about it, because for me it is an extremely worked art with history, in addition to human philosophical aspects.


Nowadays, commercial art that has no cost is valued, they are just bits in a computer that can disappear at any moment.

600 cards with history of Myths and Legends with extremely worked colors did not cost me more than 15 dollars, a gift.

At this point you realize that the market delivers opportunities and that many go after something that has no value, great.

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