How the demons desire our time.

Good morning, today I would like to write about how people who want their own purpose want our time, we see cases both on television and radios in advertising slogans.

Vase over a window

Listening to Youtube, listening to people you respect and you know they are wrong leads you to think how people seek their own benefit, work in groups and use words or companies that aspire to trust to become Echo of their interests.

Humans, we are malleable beings if they introduce a carrot in front of our face.

It happens a lot when with money you manage to get food and that money comes from your work.

Trust your instincts and the rational experience you have learned over the years, it is the only one that will alert you and not fall into siren songs that will only lead you to disaster.

Fire caused by interests.

Go out into the city and see the needs of other people, you will be able to differentiate between advertising smoke and what the world really needs or what you yourself need.

Even the most intelligent beings fall into rabbit traps, why?

We probably all need to eat, we all need security, warmth, and everything to go on as it was the day before.


I am very grateful for every comment, I value every letter and interest, thank you very much for learning and taking 3 minutes of your life.

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