As our rulers are just people.

Good morning community today I would like to write about politics in my country since it is changing radically and also because the characters we see on TV are just people.


When you see for years people profiled in suits with order about something , you think they know what they are talking about , that they help your country.

It could be explained as a cultural well being when you see order, but with recent events.

You manage to realize that they are just crystals or ordinary people, most likely moved by economic interests or international funds.

In Chile everything has happened in politics, from taking out Animes to people who claim to help but at the same time lie shamelessly in front of their own people.

And is that worldwide there is a political crisis in very few countries really fight for the welfare of its population.

But why do these social and political crises occur today?

The common denominator is the inequality, exploitation or mechanization of people.

Ancient writer outlined that the consequences of capitalism in its last years are mental problems.

It emerged as a fashion to be taking daily different pills that alter your brain to make you feel better.

But if your life is to be locked up with long labor jordans any animal ends badly.

It is a matter of seeing the animals of the sologico as they get stressed or perform abnormal behaviors to be long hours in one place.

What the future holds for us, the world bank does not like the current policy at all, so on-chain solutions are being developed in which people are managed by machines but at the same time these present human incentives.

I wouldn't mind a machine being faster than my brain, because they already are, but if they build something where everyone's interests are aligned I think it's the best option.

We are at the tipping point of leaving companies that have exploited the human race for generations and welcoming ethical or open source technology.

I value every comment and appreciate you getting to this point.

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