Someone Stole My Publish0x Article. Jokes On Them, I'm Not That Good Of A Writer.

Interesting find from my article this weekend. I usually post my articles to both and Publish0x.  I have never spent much time on, I just copy whatever I do here to that site a few days later. I have never got any traction on that site since Publish0x is where I spend my time.  Anyway, when I went to save my article from this weekend, I got a pop up message saying it was too similar to another article. Now this has happened in the past because I hit the save button twice in a row on accident, but, the article was not in my saved articles when I checked. So, I tried to submit it again and got the same message, but, I looked a little closer this time.  I noticed that it was an article from another person.  When I followed the link, someone had cut and pasted my article from Publish0x to


To's credit, I reported the plagiarism and the post was removed within a day.  Now, I know we are not talking about big money here, my best post ever topped out at around .25 on That means that someone stole an article and posted it as theirs in hopes of raking in a few pennies.  Anyway, if you are looking to become a serious writer, you might want to check around some of the other sites and make sure no one is stealing your work.   If you are like me and have no intentions of making it as a writer, you can just sit back and find the humor in someone stealing your work. The least they could have done is proof read it.

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