Ever Wondered If You Are A Jerk?

Ever wondered if you are a nice person? I have compiled a list that lets you know you might not be as great as you think. I should point out, I am guilty of most of these, so I am also looking inward with this list.

  • If you have ever rated an Uber driver that got you safely to your destination one star.
  • You think it is ok to make someone look bad in order to teach them a lesson because they are In the wrong.
  • If you have flipped off another driver on the road. (I know they may deserve it, but, still it is a reflection on you... and by you, I mean me, because I still fight the urge on a daily basis to do this.)
  • If you have ever told people what is going to happen in a movie or made comments about how you know what is going to happen. Not just major plot points, but, any detail before the person discovers it for themselves.
  • Not helped someone who has fallen or dropped something.
  • Not given a complement to someone in the last 24 hours.
  • Bring conversations around to yourself more than ask about the other person.
  • Complain more than you are positive.
  • Sped up in your car to keep someone from merging.
  • See an opportunity to help, but, decide not to do it.
  • Double parked just because you did not care enough to pay attention.
  • Walked down the middle of a row in a parking lot not realizing you are blocking cars.
  • Not returned a grocery cart to its proper place.
  • Talked loud enough on your phone that other people are annoyed. As I am a guy who travelled a lot for work, people in airports that did this usually saw the jerk side of me as a would get on my phone and pretend to talk to someone really loudly about the person next to me talking really loudly.  I admit, I was enough of a jerk that I enjoyed making it awkward. Especially the people you could tell that genuinely thought their conversation was important and wanted others know how big of a deal they were.
  • Make list calling other people jerks for how they act.
  • Used the term "boss" when describing your position at work.

This last one was a personal pet peeve of mine. Early in my working career, I had a manager about the same age as me that would introduce himself as my "boss" when we were together.  I soon noticed that most successful managers and people in higher up positions never did this. At most, they would simply state their current position, that would let people know they were in charge. The really senior people did not even do that, they knew, or assumed, people knew who they were and did not need to state it.

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