Crypto Mining Energy Usage, My Global Warming Idea, and Whatever Else Came Up Once I Started Writing

So, every once in awhile, the articles about how much energy crypto mining uses pop up. Recently, there seems to be another round of them. It has me remembering my idea to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Here it is, make the speed limit everywhere 40 MPH (65KPH.) Hear me out, the most efficient speed for fuel usage and time has been determined to be 40 MPH, so why not? Even EVs would lower their usage with the reduction. My limited research says that this would save about 25 percent in fuel usage on our roadways.  Can you imagine that? A drop in fossil fuel usage of one quarter overnight.

It will never happen. It would cause some slowdowns in the supply chain, and would probably make us late to places. Even though it would also save millions in road repairs and accidents, and save lives, people would not want to be inconvenienced with such a slow speed limit.

One other thought on Climate Change. EVs have a large impact on the carbon footprint to produce. They still require a huge amount of energy to run and their batteries are quite harmful to the environment. On a social issue, the mining of minerals needed to make the batteries is usually very inhumane, using child and slave labor in third world countries.  Dont, get me wrong, I think Tesla makes a really cool car, but, to reduce the impact to the environment, buying a used, four cylinder, stick shift vehicle would go a lot farther, then buying a new EV. Zero carbon footprint on the purchase, in fact you would be saving the energy it would take to break the car down for refuse. Ahhh, but, there is no prestige in driving an older, small car, no matter how much it would benefit the earth.

Here is my issue with people who are very vocal about global warming, or any social issue for that matter. The vast majority of them are only willing to act up until the point that it becomes uncomfortable to them, or until their concern for issues fails to make them feel better about themselves. You can even make it into an equation, if you want some one to act on a social cause, the effort (E) and cost (C) must be minimal enough to make it worthwhile: 

E + C < P (Positive Feelings)

Don't jump down my throat if Climate Change is a big concern for you, I myself feel strongly about many issues, right up until it is time to act.  

Let's look at another issue, abortion. That is right, I am pulling out all the big guns. I won't tell you my personal thoughts, because for this article, they do not matter. (As it relates to your life, my position on any of these things, don't matter.) If I was so inclined, my first questions to any vocal pro-life advocate would include:

  • How many kids have you adopted? 
  • How much time do you spend with young mothers who need support?
  • How much money do you donate to early childhood services?

I would have many questions to someone on the pro-choice side of the equation:

  • How much time do you spend, or money do you donate, on mental health services for someone who terminated a pregnancy?
  • How do you support women who made the choice to have their child?
  • How do you support communities and economic categories where abortion is more prevalent? 

So why bring up subjects that will probably get me some downvotes and lose a few followers? Well, I like looking into human nature and seeing why we act the way we do.  If you live off the grid because of your beliefs, I think that is awesome.  If you have an adopted child, or donate your time, I salute you. But, back to the original point, anyone complaining about how much energy crypto uses, should also be talking about how much effort and abuse goes into mining gold, silver or diamonds.  I could also bring up are people writing about how much effort goes into printing, coining, and transporting hard currency all over the country. But, more than talking about it, what are they actually doing about it.

This is also about me. Mostly about me, probably. If I am questioning other people's beliefs, it is because I have concerns about my own actions. So I have to ask myself:

  • How do I act on what I believe?
  • Am I willing to be uncomfortable for my belief?
  • Are my actions and thoughts generally helpful to a cause, or is their real purpose just to show what I am a good person?

I bet you didn't think this article was going down this rabbit hole. 

Finally, a quote from Kevn (correct spelling) Kinney, my favorite songwriter,

"If you want to make a difference, you have to be different. That's the deal."



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