What is nahmii?

By hsotaka | Interesting projects | 20 Sep 2019

Today i want to tell you about a new project called “nahmii”. 
The team of nahmii describe their project as follows:

the first commercially-viable blockchain scaling and interoperability solution

In other words, they try to create a blockchain solution which solves the scalability problems for blockchains of Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.


1. The Vision


Nahmii tries to solve the scaling problems of the blockchains. The authentication of which transactions are valid is handled by a common proof of stake algorithm. The actual transaction, which then also produces the transaction fee, is handled off-chain via a conventional database. Thus, the advantage of blockchain is used for authentication and security, but the off-chain transaction allows fast and cheap transactions. So you should not think of it as a competitor to bitcoin or something like that, more like a sidechain solution like the lightning network. Nahmi was developed on the Ropsten test network of ethereum and already works with all smart contract compatible blockchains. In 2020, nahmii will be ported to the Bitcoin blockchain, using RSK. So you will have the possibility to handle the transactions of the most famous blockchain over the nahmii network with. Low fees and fast transactions for everyone.


2. The Company behind nahmii


nahmii getting developed by the scandinavian team of the hubii network, which moved incorporate blockchain technology into their existing business in 2017.

hubii started life as a successful content aggregator, working with some of the world’s largest telcos and phone manufacturers to distribute local news from hundreds of media outlets. Through our partnerships with Telenor, TCL Alcatel and Panasonic, we saw that the current model of content production, distribution and monetisation is fundamentally broken.


3. The NII token

For the proof of stake authentification technology of the nahmii network, you need an asset which can be staked. The NII token is used for staking.  98% of the transaction fees go to the NII token stakers in the currency in which the transaction is settled. So you will be able to earn ETH, BTC or ERC20 tokens by staking you NII and acting as an operator for the nahmii network.


4. The nahmii IEO on Liquid


Currently the team of nahmii want to bring their NII tokens on the market, so they decided to do an Initial Exchange Offering on Liquid. They choosed Liquid, because they wanted to provide their IEO on a regulated, secure exchange which is known for their institutional investors. The IEO price of one NII token is 0.01$
The IEO will end on 25th of September.


Of course I'm not able to list all informations about the hubii network and their nahmii project here, because that would go beyond the scope. If you want to get deeper informations about this interesting project, visit https://www.hubii.com/ and read the nahmii whitepaper, available on the IEO site of Liquid: https://app.liquid.com/ieo-market/NII 


If you don’t have a Liquid account, but you are interested in this IEO, i would be glad if you use my referral link:

Thanks for reading this article, i hope i was able to provide you some compact, useful informations about the “nahmii project”.

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