What is LCX project?

By hsotaka | Interesting projects | 16 Sep 2019

Today i want to tell you about a new project called “LCX”. 
The team of LCX describe their project as follows:

“A blockchain bank for the new financial world.”

In other words, they try to create a platform which combines all necessary data for traders and investors.

1. LCX Terminal


If you sign up on the LCX platform, you will see that they already offer a trading interface for API trading on your favorite exchanges. This product is called “The LCX Terminal”. You can currently add your API keys of Binance, Okex, KuCoin, Liquid, Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bittrex and Poloniex. This means, you have the possibility to trade easily on different exchanges with one single trading interface. Arbitrage traders won’t find an easier and more professional way to manage and execute their trades.

2. LCX Assets

Their second product “LCX Assets” is currently under development. As soon as LCX receives the necessary licenses, they will do security token offerings on their platform. This means you will be able to invest in projects which promises profit sharing or dividends. They already have a partnership with the famous actor “Wesley Snipes”. As soon as “LCX Assets” launch, you will be able to invest in Wesleys Movie Fund Security Token Offering for his upcoming film productions. A licensed, regulated platform for security token offerings is a big step to move the traditional financial market to a tokenized, decentralized environment.

3. LCX Token

LCX want to be THE platform for professional and institutional traders, so their services won’t be free. Their business model doesn’t base on earning money by displaying ads or an additional charge on the exchanges’ existing trading fees. You will need to pay a monthly fee to use their platform. That’s the only way to ensure professionalism for professional clients and customers. For that reason, they created their own utility token, the “LCX token”. 
The monthly costs will be payable with LCX only! Also the LCX Team ensure that one LCX token will always be worth 0.10$ if you pay your platform fees, even if the LCX trading price on exchanges are lower. This offers certain security and price stability for this potential investment.



Currently the team of LCX want to bring their token on the market, so they decided to do an Initial Exchange Offering on Liquid. They choosed Liquid, because they wanted to provide their IEO on a regulated, secure exchange which is known for their institutional investors. The IEO price of one LCX token is 0.06$, with a minimal investment amount of 5,000 LCX
The IEO will end on 23th of September.

If you don’t have a Liquid account, but you are interested in this IEO, i would be glad if you use my referral link:

Thanks for reading this article, i hope i was able to provide you some compact, useful informations about the “LCX project”.

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