My experience with the "Revain" review platform.

By hsotaka | Interesting projects | 27 Apr 2020


Did you ever want to share your opinion on a crypto project and get paid for it? No matter how much likes or views your review get?

Then Revain, the most promising review platform based on blockchain, is perfect for you!


How does it work?

Every review will be saved on blockchain, so it's a dezentralized platform which can't be censored or manipulated.

To prevent spam, duplicates or offensive reviews, the revain team created algorithms which check all reviews before they are sent to the blockchain.

This happens in real time when you submit your review, so you don't need to wait forever until your review get approved.

The algorithms also check the quality of a review to prevent "one sentence amazon reviews" :)




KYC or other complicated sign-up processes?


Of course you will need to create an account on Revain to start writing reviews.  But there is no KYC and there are no other complicated requirements. You just need an e-mail and a password to sign up.    


When do I get paid?

Probably the most important question. :)

There is a detailed level system on Revain:


You will receive XP for every action on Revain. You will receive money for level ups. The higher your level, the more money you will earn with a level up.

On most platforms, the amount of money you earn depends on the clicks or likes of your articles. This makes it very hard for newcomers.

On Revain it's not really important how many people liked your review, you will earn money anyway. 

Currently there are 10 levels, from level 1 to level 10 you will earn 82$!
It took me two month to reach level 10, so i earned at least 40$ per month for writing reviews on Revain. 

If you reach level 10, you won't earn any more XP, but you will receive 1$ for every review then.

Probably they will add more levels in the near future and remove the "1$ for every review" reward but until then you can earn a lot of money just by writing a few reviews every day.

Reaching new level's isn't the only way to earn money. There is a new feature on Revain, called "Company of the week".


Every Monday there are new "Companies of the week"!  You will receive 1$ for a review of that project or companies, no matter what level you currently are. So if you aren't level 10 yet, you can earn money by reaching new levels AND writing these reviews!



How does the payout work?

Revain has two currencies:

RVN and REV. RVN is a stablecoin which is only used on Revain. It's not listed on any exchanges but there isn't a need for it. You will understand why:

You will earn RVN for level ups and reviews to ensure that the amount of earned money is always the same. If you receive 5 RVN for reaching level 7, you can always be sure that it's worth 5$.

As soon as you earned 3 RVN, you can convert and withdraw your RVN. By clicking the withdraw button on your account, the system calculated how much REV tokens you will get for your RVN. REV token is a ERC-20 token and is listed on major exchanges like Kucoin or Bittrex.

So if you withdraw 3 RVN (3$) and REV tokens are currently worth 0.010$, you will receive 300 REV tokens. You will receive the REV tokens on the Ethereum address, you provided in the settings of your account. Then you can easily sell it for BTC or ETH on Kucoin, for example.


Is it worth it?

I tried several platform that are offering the possibility to earn money with articles, reviews or posts.

Publish0x, SteemIt, Revain, etc.

Revain is still the most profitable on by far!

Of course i like publish0x and it's tipping system too, but i earned way more money on Revain over the last months.

The last payout was 54$ 2 month ago:


Is already hold 60 RVN again on my Revain wallet, so i earned these 60$ in the last 2 months.


If you liked my article and decided to give Revain a try, i would be very glad if you use my link! :)



Thank you for reading my article!



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