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Revain is a cryptocurrency project that is partly focused on social media and partly focused on rewarding authentic reviews. The project was founded in 2017 by Rinat Arslanov.

Revain focuses on the cryptocurrency space, including project reviews, market performance, and general reviews of projects, exchanges, wallets and cards, Revain wishes to become a comprehensive, user-powered knowledge bank for the cryptocurrency space.   

There are 3 major stakeholders on the Revain platform: authors, readers and companies. Authors can write opinion pieces and analyses on projects and the market, and get rewarded in R tokens for authentic and informative information. Readers can discuss their opinions and provide reviews to earn their rewards. Companies receive feedback from the users and can encourage users to write about their platform with a second token that is called RVN. The RVN token is a stablecoin.  

The team also states that it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to scan and filter out low quality reviews and spam. Other features of the platform are its reward system, which the team says is based on multiple parameters that ensures that it is fair and reliable. An Experts list, which are essentially active contributing users, is also available. 

My experience with the "Revain" review platform.

27 Apr 2020 3 minute read 0 comments hsotaka

  Did you ever want to share your opinion on a crypto project and get paid for it? No matter how much likes or views your review get? Then Revain, the most promising review platform based on blockchain, is perfect for you!   How does it work? Every r...