The largest-ever work-from-home experiment could bring reform

By 0xJonnyDee | My Technical Analysis | 19 Feb 2020

China, Singapore & Hong Kong are having millions stay home from the office due to the Coronavirus. The world’s largest work from home policy never seen before could trigger how we do business in the future.

Could you imagine such an experiment? The time it takes to commute to the office there and back, no longer needed. People using task and communication software from the trigger of the keyboard, not dependent on where they are located. For many tech companies, employees only need their computer and an internet connection for work.

It’s probably happened to you before. You are in an office with a group of colleagues, and you need to ask a question to one of them. Instead of getting out of your chair to go across the room to ask in person, you send a quick message via Slack, and your colleague sitting across the room answers. The question then pops in your head, “Why do I need to be in the office 9 to 5 every day?”

We are seeing this more and more as communication tools become so convenient as it limits in person discussions within the office place. At the same time, written communication reminds the employees what was talked about and if a dispute occurs, the evidence is there.

For years, the younger generation has requested a more flexible scenario for working. Many large corporations are still run by older generations accustomed to their 9 to 5 policy. It is only a matter of time the hierarchy latter will change. Thus influencing company policy.

Now this change may move faster than we had ever thought. The first signs of the experiment are actually showing progress with digital tech companies. One tech base digital company in Hong Kong caught up in the Coronavirus fiasco discovered the quality of work is no different, as cited by CNN. In fact, they now plan to add such flexibility benefits once the epidemic blows over and people go back to their daily routines.

Stats are also making the case from employees who have flexible work arrangements. According to one study done by PGI:

  • 82% of telecommuters reported lower stress levels
  • 80% of employees reported higher morale when working from home
  • 69% reported lower absenteeism

“The stats don’t lie,” says Ivan, CEO of Cryptotask a decentralized freelance application. “More people are working at home than in the past, in addition, workspaces are popping up globally. The need to travel a 40 minute commute across the city, can be compensated by heading to the local workspace 5 minutes from your apartment. Work flexibility is not about being a prisoner in your own home. It’s about the ability to work anywhere you want.”

Workspaces are on the rise. All together growing 15.2% globally in 2018 and 9.2% in 2019 respectively. The number of workers who go the freelance route, do this because of the work flexibility.

At CryptoTask they see the market heading into more flexible work hours. Not only are businesses taking notice with their employees, but people are moving towards more freelance type gigs that offer more flexible work hours. The number of freelancers rising year by year cannot be ignored.

Will this experiment caused by the Coronavirus result in improving work flexibility more rapidly? Or will it just keep the same level of growth and trends we see today regarding work adjustability. Only time will tell. But what we do know, that there is no stopping what workers want. And that’s flexible work hours.

What is

CryptoTask (CT) is a decentralized freelance market ecosystem skipping 3rd party fees by directly connecting hirees and applicants peer to peer. CT uses a commercially scalable consensus mechanism with a reviewer board selection built into the blockchain. This means job disputes are resolved much faster and cheaper, while your reputation is stored on the blockchain and there is no arbitrary censorship or hidden tampering, such as hidden boosting, something that centralized platforms are infamous for.

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