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Spray painting (not about Covid, BLM, cryptos...)

By The Archivist | Intelli Gaming | 19 May 2021

It's important to prime your miniatures (or walls) so that other colours will stick well. For years, I have used this technique and there's no big secret here. I prime my miniatures white and for that I use a matte spray paint, fast dry, which acts as primer and as paint. But I have also primed miniatures with brushes by hand, both in black and white. White is good for large surfaces where you want the colour to be bright (like capes, the base, shields, wood surfaces). Black is good for gems, metals, jewellery, hair, recessed areas of the model where more shadows exist. Also good is priming white and then using black ink. Or priming black and dry brushing white.

I'm talking all Black & White but the truth often lies in between. Entire book series are devoted to the shades that exist between these 2 opposites. I haven't read them but I know few things are fully black or fully white in this world.

This article has nothing to do with BLM or crypto BTW. ALL colours matter and I also own some BLACK and some MATTER, for full disclosure. Last night I bought some more WHITE during the dip. But this article is not giving any financial advice. It's a spray painting article about what really matters:


Miniatures are primed to be primed! - Visible here inside of a box are some High Elves and some Heroquest Advanced Paintset models from the early 90s...

As can be seen above in the picture (upper left), an enemy Dark Elf Assassin and Crossbowman are in the box. Assassins are good at leading covert operations to enter defensive positions like this cardboard fortress. Empires and nation states are known to execute covert operations. Given their current position, they are about to be primed with the other models and will then further blend into the enemy force, as was their intention, no doubt. But this is just in my imagination. I am not peddling conspiracy theories here.

Horizontal Bar Blue - Intelli GamingDo this either outside during the summer or in the garage during the winter. If you must do this in a living space (not recommended but sometimes you have no choice), then try to block the opening of the box with something like a plastic bag. So give a quick burst and then close the bag to contain the particles. It works better than closing the box itself as that pushes air out. With a bag you can keep all the sprayed paint inside the box. Attach the bag, pierce the bottom and shoot through the hole. But this is not the best way to have beautiful results. Because the overall dust it creates can settle back on top of the miniatures and give a rough texture. But a few coats of colour or a basic polishing of the surface prior to painting takes care of that problem.

The best of course is to do this in a well ventilated area where you can fully spray all miniatures thoroughly about 2 times on each side (rotate between coats). Before proceeding, wash your hands, wear gloves and keep pets, kids and others away from you. Try to isolate and maintain a regular distance at all times. Also you should wear a mask... wait, I mean... Okay this article has nothing to do with Covid-19 or mask recommendations. It's written on the can itself: 30cm distance, short bursts and shake it baby, shake it!

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