Magic the Gathering: Duel of the Central Bankers

By The Archivist | Intelli Gaming | 28 May 2021

“Higher prices are the symptom, not the cause, of currency collapse.”
― James Rickards, Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis

This article was originally written in 2014. I had myself some fun editing some fake Magic Cards. I wanted to express my views on what central bankers around the world were doing (printing, printing and more printing) in a funny way. I have added a bit of extra at the end to put things in perspective.

So, without further ado, here is the "Troika" of central bankers - 2014 Edition!

Mario Draghi - Head of the ECB (2014 photo)

Chairwoman Janet Yellen (2014 photo)

Hirohiko Kuroda - Head of the JCB

I gotta admit that at the time, in 2014, what I was hearing was that central bank balance sheet expansions were not over. This is what it looked like in 2014:

Central Banks Balance sheet expansion (2014)

Fast forward to today and it seems that Covid-19 provided the perfect pretext for the newest, most massive expansion:

Central Banks Balance sheet expansion (2021)

With today's announcement of 6 new Trillions of USD about to get minted, I feel it would be time to "circle back" and visit Christine and Jerome in the  near future. Who knows... someone may even help me NFT those!

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