Solar storms are back | Magnetic Excursion threatening life on Earth as we know it


The potential loss of the global electric grid and our ability to live in a world powered by electricity this century, is of real and immediate concern requiring action in the next 5 to 10 years. This is the conclusion among a growing number of scientists in the field of electromagnetic, particle, astrophysics and climatology. 

When Solar And Galactic Cycles Converge


The world is currently entering what is known as solar maximum. It is the other side of solar minimum, forming a complete solar cycle. Here s an article by AP.

By The Associated Press

A few days ago, millions of tons of super-heated gas shot off from the surface of the sun and hurtled 90 million miles toward Earth.

The eruption, called a coronal mass ejection, wasn’t particularly powerful on the space-weather scale, but when it hit the Earth’s magnetic field it triggered the strongest geomagnetic storm seen for years. There wasn’t much disruption this time — few people probably even knew it happened — but it served as a reminder the sun has woken from a yearslong slumber.

While invisible and harmless to anyone on the Earth’s surface, the geomagnetic waves unleashed by solar storms can cripple power grids, jam radio communications, bathe airline crews in dangerous levels of radiation and knock critical satellites off kilter. The sun began a new 11-year cycle last year and as it reaches its peak in 2025 the specter of powerful space weather creating havoc for humans grows, threatening chaos in a world that has become ever more reliant on technology since the last big storms hit 17 years ago. A recent study suggested hardening the grid could lead to $27 billion worth of benefits to... Full article link;


Solar storms are back, threatening life on Earth as we know it

The sun and galaxy work in rhythmic cycles for different reasons and sometimes these cycles converge to form major climate events on earth.

20 Year, 200 Year and 12,000 Year Climate Cycles and the Electric Grid

The first cycle of immediate concern is the 20 year minimum maximum cycle. Then there is another cycle known to occur approx. every 150 to two hundred years. This cycle is tied to a documented world wide electric outage in 1859 known as the Carrington event. This CME, or Mass Coronal Ejection event was so staggering, that it literally melted in place,  the vast majority the early telegraph system, copper lines and the electric generation equipment for it. We will be 175 years since this event in this solar maximum.

Space Weather News Resource

Perhaps the best source for space weather updates and the latest results from climate and astrophysical research  is Space Weather News . com. They are leaders in earthquake forecasting as well. If the electric grid is disrupted in a major way the satellites will be among the first to become completely inoperable. This could be temporary or total inoperability.


If a solar eruption is ever ACTUALLY going to affect earth’s power grid, the satellites will be affected first. See the spacecraft hazards charts below:

SEAESRT Spacecraft Charging Hazards plotSEAESRT Space Environment plot SEAESRT Hazard Quotients plotSEAESRT Spacecraft Charging Hazards plot SEAESRT Space Environment plotSEAESRT Hazard Quotients plot

The 6 charts above are simple. Green is good. Yellow is approaching charging levels. Red is satellite charging hazard. If you see lots of Red here and a KP of 9 following a large solar flare or other solar eruption (and then your internet and power go down) there is a chance the sun has taken it away.

Space Weather


Earth's Geomagnetic Strength Down 20% | The 12,000 Year Cycle

Every 11,000 to 13,000 years, the earth goes through magnetic changes due to the spiral current sheet of energy from the galactic center emanating along the galactic plane, throughout the solar systems of the Milky Way. This event leaves a magnetic record of change that is tied to major climate events and ice ages over the last 72,000 years. There is growing data fixing this cycle to event records 120,000 years old as well. It has been approx. 12,300 years since the last event. Major magnetic field weakening is a significant factor of this 12,000 year this cycle, and many other of these factors associated with the magnetic excursion are currently being recorded now as well. 

Suspicious Observers has been chronicling the 12,000 year cycle on a daily basis, reinforced with daily documentation from NASA, ESA, the Cassandra space map analysis mission among others, as well as thousands of peer review studies on astrophysics, climate, biology and molecular, particle physics. Their conclusions are that we are lower in geomagnetic strength by over 20 to 30 percent, compared to a baseline calculated beginning in 1000 AD, when earth's field was at an historic norm. According to the last significant reading, we are currently losing 5% of our geomagnetic strength every 10 years.
This means that we are at least 10% under our strength compared to the last solar maximum 20 years ago.  Any geomagnetic CME disruption equal to what occurred 20 years ago will be amplified by factors determined by various conditions associated with any CME. This would equal increased disruption and inoperability to currently under shielded satellite gear and vital electric infrastructure on earth.

The 12,000 Year Cycle Conclusion

If their growing body of evidence is correct, the next 30 years will be monumental for earths climate. The Observers published an update on the evidence compiled so far, in a video summary you can watch here. The 12,000 year cycle always ends with a major CME called a micro nova. and a change in the angle position of earths axis. Here is their assessment of likely changes in the next 30 years.

Suspicious0bservers -

A Disaster is Coming

Holding Electricity This Century

Holding any form of electricity in this century, individually or collectively will be difficult, if the nova cycle actually completes in the next 30 years. Existing infrastructure will be blown away and need to be rebuilt. The only way this will be possible is to create, build, store and shield hardware now, to unpack by the living, after it is safe. It will need to be planned for, person by person and community by community. Any nation state that lasts in any form will if nation states continue, will need to be rebuilt along with all of civilization, from the ground up.
The last civilization of partial but increasingly evidence backed record is Atlantis, over 12,000 years ago. They were taken by surprise if the legend is true. But it is also true, that we do not need to be taken by surprise this time. This would be an opportunity for a new beginning. It should not take our lineage 11,000 years to rediscover electricity if we move forward, with analysis to confirm the extent of the danger, and immediate steps to acquire, store and shield, electrical equipment now as necessary and possible. People always survive these events. The condition in which the People in the next 100 years find themselves, will likely be measured according to our efforts to prepare them for that time, today. 


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