End Central Bank Slavery NOW. Be Your Own Central Bank


end central bank slaveryEnd central Bank Slavery. Becoming your own central bank is the process of identifying the intrinsic value and purpose of your  personal life, and applying it to all the known assets and resources available to you.

The art of the deal is to do it without intentionally or willfully causing harm to others, without holding back on achieving the goal. All asset profit is then applied to your greater value and purpose and all asset growth is realized through the shared values and purposes with others through exchange and enterprise.

End Central Bank Slavery - Becoming A Sovereign Bank

end central bank slaveryThe Digital Wallet(s) or wallet to wallet system, is the entry way for almost anyone willing to begin transferring the power over their actions from the central banks to themselves. To end central bank slavery you must eliminate their control of wealth tied to  dollars. The more assets one has in addition to or instead of dollars when practical, the more able one is to gain more authority quickly. Those on limited incomes or in the dependency class will have a tougher time transitioning from the dollar. However all you need is a bank account and a wallet to begin. 

The Dollar Is Dying By Design

The good news for people in dollars, even on limited incomes, is that more and more, you do not need to use dollars. You can do a lot of transactions in stocks, notes, etc, and notably in crypto and other inexpensive asset currencies. Crypto blockchain decentralized currencies will gain in value and opportunity overall the more we find the best ones and use them.

All uses we make of the US dollar and international, US dollar pegged currencies, are now resulting in less and less opportunity and value. This is by the design of the central banks, which control those currencies. Our value is destined for greater asset authority.

Applying Assets Of Individual Value And Purpose To The Markets

end central bank slaveryOur Official Informal Contributor Gregory Mannarino, currently applies his value or gift to a purpose. He would love to end central bank slavery The value of his gift is his understanding, of the nature of real wealth and assets. His purpose to share a daily report, become rich as hell, and help others to do the same by teaching that knowledge.

IRUUR1 Value and Purpose Portfolio and Disclaimer

FIRST THE DISCLAIMER: IRUUR1 subscribes to Gregory Mannarino's News Letter, available on his Traders Choice Dot Net Site. Gregory Mannarino is a great teacher and an avatar of purpose. End Central Bank Slavery

IRUUR1 - CURRENT PRIME/SECONDARY ASSETS - Crypto. Gold/Silver. - In other words when we say things like, investment in crypto is an investment in your future, we believe you, are going to gain, and we are going to gain, if you invest in crypto. You can be sure, according to our crypto currency, blockchain position, that our portfolio is going to go up in value the more people in general use crypto currencies. Therefore all global investment in crypto and blockchain, is currently supporting the work of this site according to our position in any moment. 


Our currencies change. We do not recommend you buy these current picks unless they are useful in some way to you. We will also not continue to update readers on our picks. But this is our strategy. Their value and purpose to us, is due to their potential in increasing blockchain functionality, publishing, advertising and smart contract transactions. We like the enterprise potential built into the Ethereum, Ether Coin.


Bitcoin is finding it's natural position in the market. Bitcoin, is the standard of total, global, computational usage, and power, summed as a value, traded as a currency. In other words, Bitcoin is tied to the value of the computer in people's lives as a currency of exchange over the computer system.

However in the real world, the value of the Bitcoin and the computer itself, may be exceeded by many multiples, in the exchange of a simple herb or a doctors care, when a life is at stake. Adding the knowledge of that herb, and specific physician proven applications to the blockchain, increases the current, potential value, and purpose of the blockchain, the computer and the Bitcoin.


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