DNA Property Rights: New Vaccines May Alter You Legally


The DNA property rights case law couldn't be murkier on this subject and there seems to be a lot of rush to do something that could change the ownership rights of your very genetic structure when it is altered with an RNA, DNA, mechanical code.

DNA Property; Legal Status of Your Genetic Code Alteration

dna propertyThe genetic code you were born with will no longer be the genetic code you end up with once you get the vaccine that is currently planned by the Bill Gates Foundation, Dr Fauci and other pharmaceutical technocrats, in charge of the worlds governments policies.

Humans Are Free Article

The technology inserts coronavirus genetic code into each person, forever changing genetics and cellular processes in their body.

The coronavirus RNA reprograms human cells to produce spike proteins, forcing the immune system to fight properties of a virus that are being artificially manufactured by the body’s own cells.

The effects of this technology are trans-generational; the cellular manipulation can be passed down to future generations. Leading ethicists and scientists called for an end to this kind of trans-generational human genome editing in a January 2020 Geneva Statement.

Fauci's Past Unsavory Technocratic Vaccine Values

dna propertyFauci is patently unreliable when it comes to administering health science, when faced with the values of economic science. Technocracy is the science of economics and cost effective use of assets. People are a labor asset in the technocracy.

Humans Are Free - (Previous attempts to manufacture a coronavirus vaccine for SARS resulted in animal fatalities after injection and upon subsequent infection.)

In the first round of hasty human trials approved by Dr. Fauci, Moderna’s results were embellished by the pharmaceutical-controlled media, despite the injection causing complications and hospitalizations in 20 percent of the participants in the high dose group.

It has also proven to cause side effects in half of study participants and its effectiveness wanes in 2 to 3 months. Imagine this kind of damage being carried out among larger populations!.

Bill Gates is on record as saying he wants to vaccinate 7 billion people around the world as soon as possible,

Trumps Warp Speed Funding: The Vaccine For Profit Rush is On At Taxpayers Expense

Moderna, Inc. logo - Why the rush? Could it be just for profit and control of resources. Considering that the death rate from this virus is far lower than the death rate for young to older people without other serious complications have a .05% chance of dying. Consider also that most of the elderly and vulnerable were forced by government techocrats into conditions  with known infected people in many countries around the world.

In the the pharmaceutical trade publication, FierceBiotech.

Ben Adams reports:

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is launching a new clinical trial network to seek out and add thousands of volunteers to major clinical tests for vaccines and monoclonal antibodies against the pandemic.

Current DNA Property Legal Battles

Right now there are DNA property legal battles underway where the DNA ownership is undisputed. That is to say, it is the DNA, exactly as you were coded with it. These current battles are about how the DNA property is used and who has the right to use it and how and a number of other vital points. Here are two famous cases.

From Genetic Literacy ProjectA biopsy sample taken from a Candian woman, Snezana Piljak, seeking treatment for colon cancer was deemed the personal property of the hospital that performed the biopsy, not the woman herself, making it the first Canadian ruling about who owns tissue samples. The woman died and her estate sued her physicians for not diagnosing the disease earlier. Those physicians then sued the hospital that had taken the biopsy for not sharing the tissue sample.

Another prominent example is the story of HeLa cells, documented by journalist Rebecca Skloot in her 2010 bestselling book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Lacks had cervical cancer in 1951. She died, but researchers kept some of her cancer cells for research. They became the most widely used cells in human research because they are incredibly easy to work with. But the Lacks family never knew about the cells, nor did Lacks give consent for her tissues to be used in research.

Now in those cases a small portion of a persons DNA was used to experiment on. The DNA was not changed in the person, only in the sample. In the case of the vaccine they will be experimenting on a persons entire genome thus altering it in a potentially design patented form.

DNA Property Patentability requirements from Labiotech dna property Labiotech.eu 

Biotechnology patents fall under the scope of utility patents. A utility patent is available for an invention or discovery of a new and useful machine, manufacturing process, composition of matter, or process. This type of patent is also available for improvements to a process that are considered new and useful.

Let's examine the elements of the designed DNA Property definitions

A new and useful machine, manufacturing process  If you consider your body to be a n engine of mechanical processes ( and who doesn't), then then this alteration of your genes would apply

A composition of matter, or process - genetic material is genetic material, a composition of matter.

In terms of DNA property rights, Improvements to a process that are considered new and useful, may be be the most applicable. It is in the news you know. It is a revolutionary vaccine. Never before used. You are  the genetic material and the new process is that your are forever genetically altered in the way your body functions, from a pure design perspective. Also your children's genes are a part of that patent process going forward.


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