Dividing The U.S. Treasury: Organizing a Constitutional Blockchain Political Party


NWON - This week, as a further attempted inducement to evoke feelings of mass division and hopelessness, in America, Fox delivered this report.

Media hypes anti-Trump alliance threatening to launch 3rd party led by panned 'Anonymous' ex-Trump staffer

The media has found a new anti-Republican narrative to obsess over despite the fact that Democrats now control the White House and both chambers of Congress.

On Tuesday, The New York Times was the first to report about a new alliance of over 100 NeverTrump Republicans who are threatening to launch a third party if the GOP does not dissolve itself from the influence of former President Trump.

The effort, which has been dubbed "A Call for American Renewal," is being led by Miles Taylor, a former low-level DHS official during the Trump administration who was best known as the "Anonymous" op-ed writer who claimed to...

Into The Blockchain Future

IRUUR1 says; Let the Federal Reserve, bought and paid for Corporate/Government, RINO, Democrat, right and left stooges go. If we had as much power as the Federal Reserve, and could create currency based on the treasury, and could own a political party or two, We would fund the remainder of the Republican party.

A Power Division Fantasy/Reality

The fantasy is that we could own a party like the Federal Reserve does, and control the treasury the way they and their global investment bank partners do. The reality is, this is what it would look like if we did. So in this article; Since the party now funded in the scenario, has equal power to the Fed, and since there are now three parties, the People's new Constitutional party gets, 1/3 of the treasury to back our legal tender currency.



The assets could be divided into three portions. The asset value dollar amount of the treasury today is approximately 1.9 trillion. 666 billion dollars is approximately 1/3, (WHAT A NUMBER!),(RIGHT)).
Approximately 666 billion, could capitalize a blockchain currency, with one portion dedicated to publicly distributed currency, Then the value of that portion becomes tied to the efforts of the people to use it to benefit themselves. As they are successful the currency will grow. Credits based on the currency could be available to all verified residents, with citizens rights still held under the Constitution. Citizens have more responsibility as stakeholders of the treasury and may need more credits. Credits could be used for votes on the second portion of the funds for specific blockchain functions and projects. The third portion of the capital would be held to keep the currency stable.
The portion going to public projects, would be subject to public vote of currency holders. Each vote for a project to be funded costs one credit. One vote per project under consideration, per resident and citizen. This is a simple 3 point blockchain currency construct. There are any number of specifically detailed outlines on this you can look up. This is an article for discussion and we don't have a favorite to recommend yet. Point is a currency so constructed and capitalized on the blockchain, would pay for itself, likely pay off the debt, or at least always hold and reflect the true value of goods and services traded with it.


What 666 bil$ Can Buy

666 BILLION DOLLARS is not a lot of start up capital for an entire modern nation in today's world. No indeedy. But it can fund a hell of a revolution. This is the original iruur1.com post article time and writing stamp, bitcoin cap value, from Market Insider. Market cap or the right at 887.78 bil.

Bitcoin 50,444.9336 719.78 1.45% 887.78 B

When 350 billion people immediately hold perhaps 250 billion in assets, looking for a place or places to go, you will want to buy into the potential growth of that market. There would likely by the latest census, be about 300 million people eligible to receive this public portion. According to the division of 666 for public funds, each person could receive around $1000.00+ worth of the new currency.
When another 200+ billion of the currency is available for projects, to be voted on by currency holders to fund projects they can benefit from, it forms the basis for a substantial market. Individuals, businesses, corporations, even governments will fund tokens tied to their goods services and voteable community projects, which utilize their craft, in an attempt to gain votes and trade for profit in the currency.
A lot of start ups, looking for capital would likely jump in and buy the currency as an investment with fiat and other assets, and to fund tokens tied to goods and services. Major corps would not want to be outflanked and would likely want to do the same for specific projects.


Asset Injection And The New PEPC Currency

This would immediately inject capital assets into the new Peoples Coin Currency we will call PEPC here, but you can invent a better one probably. No matter the name, the increased capital would propel it far beyond BTC in capitalization. It would ascend into the realm of numbers (at least on paper) listed to the current valuations of major corporations and banks. Remember; The Federal Reserve dollar printed currency that would in large part be used to buy the new PEPC by individuals, businesses and corporations, would still be backed by the remaining 1.3 trillion of actual assets. left to them in the treasury.



Because all Federal Reserve assets are private, the true value of their assets would be called into question. Their value would begin to naturally be weighted against the public open blockchain value of the new PEPC. This would gradually force true valuation of all U.S. dollar and International goods and services trading over time. 



The Phrase Become Your Own Central Bank, and pertinent data for this article is from the work of

Greg Mannarinno On Market Watch.

Watch him for daily updates on Federal Reserve public actions and behind the scenes, statistics. Special thanks to the Crypto Kid, weekly Saturday Market Watch video.

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