Can Crypto Handle Another Carrington Event? Electrical Shielding And Vulnerability In the Solar Flare Timeline


I wanted to write an intro for PublishOx readers.
IRUUR1 makes no secret about it's love for this platform. Further we hold crypto in the form of BAT and others as part of our financing and promotion of So we are not predicting the world losing electricity, enough to sell our crypto today, or likely next year.. However we would be stupid if we did not respect the intelligence of PublishOx readers ability to become familiar with the threat on electricity from natural causes in the environment. We hope this article contributes to serious efforts to shield electricity from well known natural causes, specifically solar flaring.
The primary threat is from solar flaring. Fortunately, many of these extreme cycles of flaring can be predicted. Unfortunately because we are nearing the end of a predictable, constant 200 year solar flare cycle, we are due for a major eruption in the next 10 to 30 +years. No scientists in this field of astrophysics disagree with the cycle certainty, and that our electric grid, is thinly shielded at best.
This article focuses primarily on a 200 year cycle known as the Carrington event. It was a large solar flare event that melted electrical components when it last occurred in 1859. Our present electrical situation is precarious as we are near another one. But the Carrington event cannot be considered without considering it's place relative to a wide range of fascinating solar and cosmic cycles, outlined in the study of Advanced Catastrophism.


Climate And the Global Electric Grid

IRUUR1 writes for insiders. Globalists and individualists alike. We are aware of the fundamental underpinnings of the emerging centralized system. Global interconnection is an evolutionary choice. We will either continue to pursue centralization or find practical options for necessary, evolutionary decentralization, but we will continue to desire to connect globally. We find more and more ways see and connect ourselves as a global community of people on a planet. We are increasingly curious about the natural planetary environment, our species and social order must optimize within. Understanding the natural environment for any order is the first business to attend to, in order to sustain social order in nature.
The main issue dividing sovereign internationalists from globalists is the climate. Most climate science available to the general public is limited primarily to analysis of CO2 and solar irradiance data over the last 200 years. The Advanced Catastrophism hypothesis discussed in the video, offers a glimpse into constantly updated data, shared widely in peer review studies, relative to many elements of climate science, discarded from public view for lack of space or interest in the MSM.
As well as positioning our present impending Carrington Event in a broad historic timeline, it offers a climate story and dataset with over 100,000 years of evidence, and a much larger picture of earths geological and archaeological climate history. It also considers a larger database of information including the influences of, solar, cosmic particle, electric forcing, earths magnetic field, and the Interplanetary Magnetic Field on earths climate.
Although global central banks, who through tech advisory boards, organize government spending and messaging on climate, do not include much space weather data for serious public consideration in their climate reports, they are interested. They continue to back further government spending, particularly in the U.S. and E.U, for updated research, with serious funding for new satellite and earth missions into these emerging areas of discovery. 
This video gives a wide overview of the catastrophe hypothesis.

Safe Zones, Animal Anomalies, Primary Risks | Advanced Catastrophism



Our Overview

Mostly chronological in the video timeline.


Solar Super Flares and Our Magnetic Field

The sun emits a large CME every 200 years. We will experience this massive disruption within the next 30 years, unless the sun has changed in some way which is not now, or has ever been known scientifically, in any way. The Carrington Event, as a part of a greater predictable catastrophe cycle is not a conclusion. Not yet, But a piece in a body of evidence for a conclusion.


Main starting points in the video.

Electromagnetic Driven Changes In Animal Behavior

Whales, birds and elephants are the most noticeable species among the animal watching public, experiencing changes from their previous habits

Memory Like An Elephant?

Why would elephants be moving away from the coast and low lying areas, to build new homes on higher ground?


Magnetic Excursion Prep

The video states that changes in animal behavior and changes in the galaxy are coinciding over the last decade. A growing number of scientists and researchers are examining evidence of a wave of energy coming towards our planet from the center of the galaxy. Historic observational anomalies and changes, reported on our site science updates, have been recorded in the solar systems closest to ours. Major anomalies are also occurring and have occurred in our solar system. The sun is changing the way it produces hydrogen. On Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars the planets are changing weather patterns and have lost atmosphere among other recent major observations of historic magnitude. This while our own planet has lost 25% of its magnetic field strength, beginning in 1859. There is also an ongoing magnetic polar shift which began in the 1600's.
Find video links below for the the complete body of science, peer review studies, history, along with NASA, ESA and other ground and space based missions researching information on Magnetic Excursion


THE CME Meets The Weakened Magnetic Field Of Earth

We may lose nearly 40% of of our magnetic field strength by 2030 at the present rate of loss acceleration. The picture shows a 25% loss last recorded in 2010, with no further official updates released yet. If earth continues to lose 5%+ per decade of magnetic field strength during this solar maximum, it will be less able to hold  energy from a large solar CME away from the surface mantle and core of earth. Things will melt. A Carrington sized solar CME (coronal mass ejection), which melted the electric wires and components of 1859, will have an exponentially greater impact on earth with our currently depleted, still weakening field strength.
The Carrington event of 1859 melted almost all of the electrical components of it's time, including all the electric wires, but was not the largest ever recorded. It is in the middle range of this historic 200 year cycle always resulting in an extreme CME event. Our electric wires are not much better shielded today.
The Carrington event is a documented, once in every 150 to 200 year cyclic solar event. We are nearly 200 years from the last one. There is currently no developed theoretical or practical shielding plan, or technology available to protect electrical components, according to many scientists. If solar flares, causing electrical forcing are powerful enough to reach into earths core, it could send a wave of energy back out through the mantle into the crust, continuing outward, into components of the electrical systems in and around them, across continents. And in space, satellite functionality and communication will be a particular problem, as they are particularly vulnerable.


The 200 year 12,000 year Climate Cycle Convergence

The video mentions another cycle to consider. As recently as a little over 12,000 years ago, there is evidence in climate records, growing to a conclusion reached by Einstein and many others, that earth tilted on it's axis in that time, causing glacial expansion in formerly temperate zones while earth was experiencing similar electromagnetic climate conditions as today.

Add to this an established cycle of major climate changes occurring every 12,000 to 13,000 years apart, recorded over the last 84,000 to 120,000 years. The earth, under new instruments of science, bears a growing body of evidence showing a consistently weak or altered magnetic field in these planetary climate shift cycles.


Catastrophe Or Not, Consideration and Planning For 2022

Let's move outside of the video for a moment. We may not be in a disaster cycle presently as Suspicious Observers, advances. If it does happen it may not occur till after this century. But the sun will continue to flare in cycles, with a large enough discharge capability, to seriously disrupt electrical/communications in many places periodically. 
In as much as there is mounting evidence for concern, it makes it necessary for industry to immediately examine continually updated statistics coming in, and those already available. This will offer a basis to begin developing protective infrastructure plans, as necessary and as is technologically possible. Funding and private investment are needed for evaluation projects, to see exactly where we are, relative to our shielding needs. Then upon examination begin to develop strategies for what may not be an immediate, but is certainly an eventual, and increasingly likely by current estimates, within the next 10 to 40 years of 2 solar maximums, potential catastrophic event.

Can We Keep The Lights On And For How Long?

Because of the weakness in magnetic field strength when a Carrington or possibly, an historically greater magnitude CME is emitted, it could breach the crust and mantle of earth and then release the energy upwards through the surface. This has happened many times in earths history. If we can shield against it, we may emerge either shortly with the ability to restore lost power, or with 1700's technology  in some form. If we cannot do either of these our lineage will have to start from scratch with what we can now bequeath.
The Carrington event alone is reason enough to begin to  get the answers for likely shielding needs. The lessor known, historically climate changing 12,000 year solar cycle, involving possible micronova sized  CME events, is being studied carefully. as well. If the Carrington and 12,000 year cycles coincide as increasingly appears possible in this, or near term generations, can we get prepared.
The video ends with an historic worst case scenario.


Video Conclusion: IN CASE OF CATASTROPHE...



Earth and the 90 Degree Tilt

It is a common occurrence, but not documented to be always the case, that the earth tilts 90 degrees during these 12,000 year events.

Einstein wrote that believed we had tilted 12,000 years ago and were near another such event. He worked till the end of his life in an attempt to discover the mechanism for this tilt, which he correctly calculated to be triggered by arctic ice melt.

The shift is back and forth at 90 degrees. When it tilts next, the ocean water will head in the direction of the red arrows. When it stops, a slosh back will occur in the direction of the blue arrows.


The 90 degree shift produces a new equator

Complete Science And Essential Background Information


Our Book on the Disaster:


Suspicious Observer Websites:

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