Kickass Affirmations

By Hailey | Info Farmer | 18 Apr 2021

They’re like seeds. Every thought throughout your day is an affirmation seed and you can choose whether it be negatively affirming, or positive. Maybe you don’t get instant results after planting, but after nurturing it over a longer period of time, you get the satisfaction of picking the fruits of your labor that is incomparable to instant gratification.

It’s important to milk the ones you believe and mark the ones you don’t. Pay attention to the way you feel after you say each. High vibration/good feels/happy thoughts = you believe it. Low vibration/bad feels/unhappy thoughts = you still have a little work to do on that one.

Keep repeating it until you truly feel it (over the course of weeks if that floats your boat). Remember that it's likely that not all of these affirmations will resonate with you. Just pick what you like and leave what you don't. Feel free to copy and paste these into a new document to delete some & add others you may like for your own personal list. 

Take the ones that apply to your life and leave the ones that don't. To help you further focus the affirmations into place, it helps to rearrange them in your own handwriting, beginning with the most believable and the ones which inspire the happiest thoughts first so that you can get some good momentum going, before getting to the affirmations which are a little more challenging to plant.

Bonus points if you do them in a mirror or videotape yourself!

I made a version of this affirmations list in a PDF document that you can save. If you would like to view and/or download it, click here (please wait a few seconds for it to load).


I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.

I am happiest in the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor.

I am love.

Abundance flows in and out of my life through endless sources on a continuous basis.

I am abundance.

I find new and exciting ways to help people everyday.

I am growing and expanding everyday.

I radiate love and prosperity in everything that I do.

Everything that lies before me is for my highest good.

I embrace the good and the bad because I know both serve me in positive ways.

I love myself, including the flaws.

I am in synchronicity with the abundant energy source.

I am beautiful and I love myself.

I attract healthy relationships.

I trust my intuition to care for me.

I release my negative thought patterns.

I am certain my inner being is bringing to me what I desire.

I welcome clarity.

I welcome abundance.

I am a magnet for prosperity and abundance.

Everything that I do prospers.

I welcome new experiences.

I am safe in this universe.

Negative thought patterns in my life are being pushed out by positive thought patterns steadily everyday.

I design my life.

My body appreciates me.

I take my infinite power back.

I automatically fill other cups when I fill my own.

I experience love everyday.

Today is a gift.

My body is a gift and I appreciate every facet and corner of it.

My skills and talents are unending.

I love to share my talents with others.

Perfect health and happiness is my divine right and I realize it now.

I become more lovable everyday.

Love is all there is.

My heart is full of light and peace.

My abundance income is always increasing.

There is plenty of abundance for everyone.

I love to inspire myself to accomplish fun tasks that help others.

My job is to help others.

I love to inspire people to live happier.

I have compassion for myself.

Large sums of money come to me easily and quickly.

My body is the perfect living space.

My life gets more incredible everyday.

I revel in the foods that are the best for my mind and body.

Money is a great travel buddy.

I have a job that allows me to be free and attract the abundance I wish for.

I am the only one who chooses my thoughts.

I prosper wherever I turn.

I am living in a place which allows me to prosper at a price I can afford.

Travel is easy to afford.

I am certain the things I desire are on their way and are coming in a delightful and surprising manner.

I am given signs everyday.

I always have great relationships with my landlords.

My body is the perfect home.

My abundance of money is climbing.

We live in a wonderful world!!!

I give love in ways unique to me in return for the prosperity I am gifted.

It is okay and good to accept things.

I deserve the good I am gifted.

I achieve enough abundance for the things I want.

I am receiving things that I want that others want to give away.

I am constantly seeing my affirmations and changes in my mind in real time.

I am forever learning to love myself more and more EVERY DAY!

I deserve the money I am given.

I allow abundance and prosperity on a level I have never allowed before.

I release poverty thinking.

I allow an abundance mindset.

The universe supplies me with everything I need and want.

I am quickly manifesting the things I want on a daily basis.

I am open and receptive to all good.

I am prosperous in love in my life.

I am prosperous in joy in my life.

I am prosperous in beauty in my life.

I am prosperous in good health in my life.

I am prosperous in money in my life.

Life is here for us all.

There is an abundance of food on this planet to feed us all.

There is an abundance of money on this planet to care for us all.

There is an abundance of people on this planet to attract amazing relationships.

I deserve and accept my financial abundance to accomplish the things I desire.

My financial abundance creates financial abundance in others.

Debt comes in and out of lives and is erased easily.

Bills and debt show me I am trusted.

I am friends with my bank account.

I am friends with my debt.

I am paying back my debt like an old friend.

I am always safe in this universe.

I am good at finding the balance in everything.

I release old and tired negative affirmations that do not serve me anymore.

I believe there is enough money to fulfill everyone’s needs at all moments.

I believe money comes in and out of my life fluidly and at the exact perfect moments.

I am a magnet to money and success.

I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through many sources, on a continuous basis.

Everywhere I go I prosper.

The universe’s wealth flows to me EASILY!

I deserve the One I attract.

I have more money than I can even spend.

My dream prospers me.

Money is coming to me easily and quickly.

I am deserving of a wealth of money.

My talents are always growing.

I am free.

I have an abundance of freedom.

I have enough time.

My biggest fear about love is……? Whatever comes up, write it down and create a contradicting positive affirmation.

My biggest fear about _____ is…….? Whatever comes up, write it down and create a contradicting positive affirmation.


Enjoy planting your seeds! Remember to water, feed, and nurture them!

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I made a version of this affirmations list in a PDF document that you can save. If you would like to view and/or download it, click here (please wait a few seconds for it to load).


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