Concept Design: SciFi Bike

By Martin Kelen | Industrial Design | 12 Nov 2021

Hello there!

A couple of years back I was in a personal projetc of a SciFi novell about virtual reallity. But since it runs in an unknown future year I was thinking (and designing) the context of that scenario. 

This example is what I like design the most: Vehicles


The OMNIBIKE (name in process)

Basically is a huge rear something metal-rubber sphere mounted within 3 contacts points moved by hyperconductivity and a hover system to make the front side levitate a couple of inchs and give the steering function by varing the fans power

It is a vehicle specially designed for people in a rejected class, buglars, law breakers, rebels. In that world it could be fast and cheap

Thats all. Thanks for watching and I wait for your comments



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Martin Kelen
Martin Kelen

Well... Human at first, Industrial Designer graduated in UBA, Argentina I think come second. Comic drawer as an abandoned hobby, lover for making stuff of any type... and a procastinator who try to self fight. Husband, Father, High hopes

Industrial Design
Industrial Design

The charming of shapes, the intelligence making the functionallity and beauty working togheter. There are not just products, there are feelings

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