Argentina world cup champion. The joy, the happiness and the shame of a third world country

By Martin Kelen | Industrial Design | 21 Dec 2022

Hi everyone of crypto suffering
Today I bring you my point of view from the word cup winning as argentinian


Undoubtedly, like a footballer country, the happiness was a flood in every corner. People celebrating in the streets, singing aloud, swinging flags and staining with light blue and white each square meter. The joy was contagious and it was heartwarming seeing the people join togheter for once. The goverment set as holyday the day they come back home


Yesterday, december 20, was programed a pilgrimage from Ezeiza (Town where the AFA is seattled) to the Obelisco (iconic symbol of Buenos Aires). They are almost 40 km appart, where the whole champion football team would salute to the fans to celebrate the victory in a roof-less special bus
Every place in the route, start to populate, to accord the media, 4 million people in the streets along the panned path. The bus, with probably the most famous person in the world nowaday, Lionel Messi, start to faint the march due the amount of people and the fail of the forces of the organization


It Took 4 hous to travel 20 km, the half of the planned. That point was when everything starting to collapse. People became getting hurt for climbing at dangerous places. Some young start trying to climb up the bus to reach their idols, and even some of them jump down from bridges to try fall into the bus. Incredible


That was the point where authorities decided to cancel the pilgrimage, and withness to the world what a bunch of misfits and morons we the argentinias are. 
I know it's impossible to control 4 million people, but for a bunch of brainless, it become from a party to a hell´s like chaos.
I blame the authorities organization in some points and those unable to think, selfish with a showman star complex who ruin the parade to a whole country and perpetuate the third world sight to us
Thank you for reading. Let me know your thougts and if you think it would be the same in your country

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Martin Kelen
Martin Kelen

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Industrial Design
Industrial Design

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