Free Dogecoin - For DogeCoin Hodlers And Earners

Free Dogecoin - For DogeCoin Hodlers And Earners

By PajeeBear | incomeopportunity | 19 Jun 2019

I just love Dogecoin. Yes I do.

I know some people say Doge is a joke coin and that it does not have much of a future. But hey, since I started collecting Doge it has grown it's value percentage constantly.


In my account I give away and drop some dogecoins whenever I have a contest in my mind. One might ask, where did I get those Dogecoin? And why am I giving it just like that?

Well I guys I have hodl a lot of Doge for a while now. Doge is very easy to collect. You can focus on Doge on your Firefaucet account if you would like. Check my previous post about firefaucet if you are curious.

Now let me share this site that I've been using for quite awhile. And it pays. Sign up by clicking on the link below :

Why it's one of the DOge site I like? Well it gives free doge every one hour. I mean free no captcha needed nothing else to do but click on roll. Below are the possible winnings when clicking on your free hourly roll. Who knows you might hit the jackpot ? Man that would be awesome!!!


Plus you can earn interest on your Doge and there's a game for you to play too.

I'd like you to join with me. Sign up and now and earn your free DogeCoin.







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