Why use Brave instead of Chrome

Why use Brave instead of Chrome

By INAM_ | INAM | 3 Jul 2020

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You might have already heard about brave browser at least once until now. And that is because this browser is actually very good and shares best parts of google chrome.


What is brave Browser?

Brave is a web browser based on the open source chromium project. That means brave run on the same technology that chrome (and now also edge) do, so you should be able to run every website that runs on chrome. But the best part of Brave is that it pays you to use it (More on this later). It has a built-in ad-blocker which works better than any chrome ad-block extension that I have used. This also saves your RAM as you don't need to install  a separate extension to block ads.

What is Brave Rewards?

If you are like me and you don't like ads but also you don't want to cut the only way for websites to make money so here is where Brave Rewards come in. You can get BAT (Basic Attention Token) by enabling Brave's privacy respected ads. Then you can send these BAT to websites and you can set auto-contribution on so that the websites you visit will automatically get paid. Other than that you can also keep a part of these BAT for yourself.


How is Brave better than Chrome?

You have already read some of the reason such as it has same back-end code as chrome and that it has a built-in ad block which is better than some of the extensions on chrome's extension store. Oh, I just forgot, you can install any extension on brave that you had on chrome from chrome's extension store.

Brave is also a cross platform browser which is a good thing but it is not a plus point for brave over chrome as both of these browsers are cross platform.

I have mentioned this before but let's mention this in this way: You get passive income for using brave, if you have enabled brave rewards of-course. Other than that you also save data by not loading ads and tracker scripts. If you have a limited data connection that means saving some mbs, while for unlimited plan user that simply means faster website loading times. And if you use a phone, you save battery as no tracking scripts are running in background.

On brave your privacy is respected unlike other browsers. Now I am not going to go in depth onto privacy thing. If you want to learn more you can easy google it. Furthermore, on brave's default home page you can see the number of "ads and trackers blocked" by brave and number of time brave redirected you to a https (secure) version of a website. This not something really fancy but I think it is cool to see these stats when you open a new tab. 

Brave also has an option to open a TOR window. So TOR is also built-in to Brave and in an instant you can go to dark web without installing a seperate tor browser. 

And if you are a create or a social media something, you can get verified as a brave publisher and receive tips from users. That also means passive income. Although you will only receive BAT from users who are using brave, but that is obvious.


So that was my comparison of Brave and Chrome. If you liked this blog post check out my other posts here and also earn some rewards by using the tip button below. If I missed something so comment that down below. Peace.


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